Projective Levitation
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Lift things into the air without touching them.


Focus or Point hand at target



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Projective Levitation is the ability to lift things upwards into the air with the power of one's mind without physically touching them. This may even include things so large that the person does not have the strength to move them physically.


"Whoa, who’d you steal that power from?"
Phoebe to Shadow[src]

The first time this power was showcased it was being used supportively; Ariel was shown using her power to levitate a circle of candles while she was meditating. However, when her familiar Shadow interrupted and later attacked her, she lost focus, which caused the candles to fall to the ground.

After Shadow killed Ariel he gained her power and revealed that it could also be used defensively and offensively. He revealed the former when he attacked Phoebe, since she had no long range power to fight him with, once airborne she was unable to attack him. It was revealed that the power could only be sustained for so long; Shadow discovered this when Phoebe eventually dropped after a few moments even though he retained his focus on her.

His second attack upon Piper, however, revealed that if he so chose, a few moments was all he needed to cause his victims harm; he used it to lift and send Piper flying into walls, simply by pointing his fingers at her.

List of beings who use(d) Projective LevitationEdit

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.


  • This power is extremely similar to, but shouldn't be confused with Telekinesis. Technically, any person with telekinesis has the ability to access this power.

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