Artifact Information

High-tech flying devices capable of identifying witches


Scanning for witches


Wyatt Halliwell

"Don't worry about those probes, folks, they're merely scanning for witches."
—The Tour Guide.[src]

Probes were high-tech flying devices capable of identifying witches by scanning them. The results of the scan were transmitted to an unknown location. These probes existed in the dystopian future in which Wyatt Halliwell was evil and ruled the city of San Francisco. It is unknown whether they were created with technology or magic.


When Chris Halliwell and Bianca were at their special spot, he proposed to her. Moments later, a probe appeared and scanned them, though Chris was able to destroy it with telekinesis before it was able to transmit. When they infiltrated the Halliwell Memorial Museum, Chris managed to avoid them being scanned by moving the probes away from them.[1]



  1. As seen in "Chris-Crossed"

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