The Warren Witches
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Erica Pass

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Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 6

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Something Old, Something New


Witch Trap


Preconceived is the fifth of eight short stories in The Warren Witches. It is written by Erica Pass.


When the Charmed Ones vanquish a warlock in the present, the latter's ancestor is resurrected in the past. Now, the Charmed Ones need to go back in time to save their mother and themselves from the warlock's evil plan. But will their own Grams trust them?


  • Simon Angus: The ancestor of the Angus family who was resurrected in the 1960's at the vanquish of his descendant, Bartholomew, and went after Patty in attempt to change history.
  • Bartholomew Angus: The warlock who came after the sisters in the present to make them vanquish him and revive his father.
  • Stacey: Patty's friend in high school.

Magical NotesEdit


To Go Back In TimeEdit

Bring us back,
From whence we came.
To help our mother,
To save our name.

To Vanquish An Angus WarlockEdit

You wanted our powers, but all for naught,
Your brand of evil just got you caught.
Past, present, future, all
The time has come for us to call
For the demise of your kind:
We banish you Simon, for peace of mind.

To Return To One's Own TimeEdit

Bring us back,
No need to roam.
We saved our name.
Now send us home.



It was said that it would be some time before Penny would meet the sisters again when, in fact, she meets them in 1967.

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