Power Negation
Power Information
  • Cancel out the powers of another being
  • Reverse/undo spells

Wave one's hand at target




Supportive Power


Power Negation is the ability to cancel out the magical powers of other beings as they are being used. It can also be used to reverse or undo spells as well as nullifying the power of some magical objects.

This power is apparently neutral, being possessed by both good and evil individuals. However, it may be just a benelovent power, as Neena and the Avatars were all benelovent individuals, who honestly thought their actions were for the greater good.

List of Users

  • Avatars: Alpha used this ability to stop a demon from shimmering away by negating his power.[1] The Avatars were also able to nullify the power of the book Crossed, Double-Crossed so that it could no longer suck people inside.[2]
  • Evil Future Wyatt: used his Projection ability to disable Vicus's cloaking, causing him to become visible to Phoebe and Paige.[3]
  • Neena: used this ability to undo a Glamour spell hiding Leo and disable Paige's glamour power, revealing them to her demonic army.[4]
  • Tuatha: Tuatha nullified the spell that protected the Charmed Ones from Prue.[5]

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