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Power Mimicry
Power Information

Copy another person's power, abilities and magic


Be affected by a power or be in physical contact




Defensive Power


Power Mimicry is the ability to permanently copy the powers of other magical beings and gain Immunity to that power. The warlock Matthew Tate was the only known being to possess this power.


"Matthew’s gift is to copy the power of a good witch when it’s used against him. Once he’s copied a power, it has no effect on him."
Melinda Warren to the Charmed Ones.[src]

The possessor can copy any powers that is used on or against them. When Prue used Telekinesis directly on Matthew Tate, he was able to mimic her power and then become immune to it, leaving her defenseless when using her power directly on him.

The user can also copy passive powers such as Premonitions. However, the user would have to hold onto their target while they are using their power. When Matthew touched Phoebe, she received a premonition, which allowed him to mimic her power and experience the same premonition. He was later able to use her power to get a premonition off Melinda Warren to track down Prue.[1]

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