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Electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Molecular Combustion, and Advanced Telekinesis

Power Homology is when two or more powers have similar functions. Powers don't necessarily have to be related. For example, Pyrokinesis and Molecular Acceleration both involve the creation of fire, but work differently to achieve a similar result.

Generate ExplosionsEdit

  • Electrokinesis- The user can generally send a bolt of lightning at an object, with the result being an explosion. (see top-left corner of main picture)
  • Pyrokinesis- The user can on certain occasions, make an object explode. (see top-right corner of main picture)
  • Molecular Combustion- The user can increase the speed of the molecules of an object to make it explode. (see bottom-left corner of main picture)
  • Advanced Telekinesis- The user can increase the pressure in an area to create an explosion. (see bottom-right corner of main picture)
  • Energy Balls- The user can hit a target with an energy ball to create an explosion.
  • Fireballs- Fireballs mostly explode on contact with target.
  • Combustive Orbing - The ability to channel orbs into another object or being, causing combustion.

Use or Manipulate PowersEdit


Empathy, Telepathy, Deviation and Deflection

  • Empathy - An empath can usually tap into anothers emotions to use or deflect another's power.
  • Telepathy - Telepaths can tap into the thoughts of another person to use their powers against them.
  • Telekinesis and Deviation - Telekinetics are usually able to deflect or deviate most, if not all, active powers.
  • Deflection - The user can usually deflect all active powers.
  • Power Negation - The user can cancel out the powers of others.
  • Power Mimicry - The user can permanently copy another person's power and later use it.
  • Augmentation - The user can enhance another person's power.
  • Power Swapping - The user can swap the powers of two individuals.
  • Channeling - The user can take control of and use the powers of others, through Telepathy and Empathy.
  • Power Replication - The user can temporarily copy and use the powers of another being, through Telepathy and Empathy.

Manipulate EmotionsEdit

  • Rage Projection - Users can increase the anger of another person into an intense rage.
  • Fear Projection - Users can project a person's inner fear into their mind, increasing their fear.
  • Fear Amplification - Users can amplify another person's level of fear.
  • Releasing Repression - Users can release a person's repressed emotions.
  • Discord - Users can create conflict between groups of beings in their immediate vicinity.
  • Empathy - Users can reflect emotions and memories back into a person.

Altering AppearanceEdit

Defy GravityEdit

Movement of ObjectsEdit

  • Telekinesis - Users can move objects with their mind.
  • Psychokinesis - Users can move objects that can't be seen with their mind.
  • Telekinetic orbing - Users can move objects through use of orbs with their mind.
  • Remote Orbing - Users can send a person to another destination without having to orb with them.
  • Remote Teleportation - Users can send a person to a different destination without having to teleport with them.
  • Apportation - Users can transport objects from place to place without the use of orbs, similar to Telematerializaton.
  • Teleportation - Users can send themselves somewhere else and other the beings by means of physical contact.
  • Telematerialization - Users can make liquids materialize in a different location, visual requirement needed.
  • Advanced Telekinesis - Users can move multiple objects at the same time and move them over great distances. 
  • Calling - Users can summon certain objects over long distances. 
  • Projective Levitation - Users can lift objects and people upwards into the air with the power of one's mind without physically touching them.

Healing Others or OneselfEdit

  • Healing - Users can heal injured people or objects.
  • Nature Enhancement - Users can revive plants.
  • Projection - Shown to revive a plant on one occasion.
  • Thermokinesis - Shown to heal a withered plant.
  • Resurrection - Users can bring oneself or others back to life after being killed or vanquished.
  • Regeneration - Users have the ability to self-heal from injuries and regenerate tissue and lost limbs.
  • Reconstitution - Users can reconstitute their bodies after being blown apart.

Generate Heat or FlameEdit

Generate IceEdit

Generate ElectricityEdit

  • Electrokinesis - Users can create and manipulate electricity.
  • Advanced Electrokinesis - Users can shoot powerful beams of electricity.
  • Energy Balls - Users can create and throw balls that resembled electrical discharges.
  • Empathy - Users can reflect the emotions and memories of another person into their head in the form of small electrical bolts that could overload their brain. 
  • Soul Blasting - Users can fire bolts of electricity that blast the souls out of the target.

Target destructionsEdit

  • Advanced Telekinesis - The ability to generate a wave of telekinetic energy, capable of causing great destruction and causing objects to explode by putting huge amounts of pressure on them.
  • Energy Waves - The ability to send enormous destructive waves of energy.
  • Molecular Combustion - The ability to speed up molecules to the point where they combust.
  • Molecular Dispersion - The ability to utterly destroy an object or being by ripping it apart on a molecular level.

Manipulate TechnologyEdit

  • Technopathy - The ability to control and manipulate technology. It can be used to control and manipulate computers, machines and other technology, such as cars. 
  • Psychokinesis - The ability to affect complex machinery whose inner workings are foreign to the user, such as alarm systems.

Manipulate RealityEdit

  • Fear Projection - A powerful ability to project others' fears to reality. It is associated with Fear Amplification.
  • Holograms - The ability to create holographic images.
  • Illusion Casting - The ability to create illusions which alter the victim's senses and perception of his/her surroundings.
  • Projection- The ability to project a desire to reality
  • Reality Warping - The ability to manipulate reality according to your desires.
  • Thought Projection - The ability to conjure thoughts and imagination into reality.

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