Power Ball
Artifact Information

A glowing orbit

  • Each orb stores one demonic power
  • Inhabit mortal/magical beings and slowly kill them

Demonic Power Brokers


A Power Ball is an orb that stores a demonic power within. The power balls are utilized by Demonic Power Brokers to store demonic powers until a demon buys them.

Power Brokers sometimes store these powers inside mortals for safe-keeping and demonstration. However, the power ball has a life-threatening side effect: the victim will be slowly driven to extreme confusion, fear, violence, paranoia and eventually death if the power ball is not removed. There are two known ways to extract a power ball—a potion in the Book of Shadows and/or a Power Broker.


In 2002, an innocent named Karen Young was infected and came across the Charmed Ones. Phoebe had a premonition of the infection and the sisters tried to help her. Karen eventually grew violent and attacked Paige with Acid Secretion, then tried to go after her boss Elise Rothman, before Phoebe and Piper removed the power with a potion. Meanwhile, Paige became infected with a different power ball and gained the power of Laser Bolts. When she came near death, her sisters brought her to the Power Brokers' lair, where Cole secretly ordered them to remove the power from her.[1]

Book of ShadowsEdit

In a Pot combine the following:
1 Quart of Water
A dried Amaranth flower
Three Pinches of Anise Seed
Sprig of Boneset
Burdock Root
Dandelion Root
3 Drops Almond Oil
Bring to a boil and allow all ingredients to brew for
hours until they have become one with each other.
Add a pinch of Hyssop and steep for one-half hour.
The infected one must imbibe this potion to be cured.


  1. As seen in "The Fifth Halliwheel"

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