Posie is a Warren witch in the non-canonical novel, The Warren Witches. She is 17 year-old Whitelighter-Witch and the granddaughter of Paige Matthews.


Posie was in the process of learning witchcraft when she and her mother, Pandora, were attacked by the time-crossing demon, Astarte, who was trying to wipe out the entire Warren line.

Her mother, badly injured, sent Posie back in time to warn the Charmed Ones. They then devised a plan to vanquish the demon all at once. The sisters summoned P. Bowen, Patty, Grams, Posie, Melinda and Brianna to vanquish her. But the plan failed when they failed to chant the spell and throw the potion simultaneously, and all ancestors and descendants were sent back to their own time. The Warren witches then worked in their individual timelines to vanquish the demon together.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers


Posie has appeared in a total of 1 novel throughout the franchise.