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To this Poppet whom none shall mourn...

A poppet is a kind of doll or figurine in the shape of a person used in magical rituals specifically cast on those to whom the poppet has been created to represent.

Poppets may be made of wax, plastic, stuffed, cloth, porcelain, clay, or wood although virtually any material will do. To create a poppet a doll must first be crafted then blessed by rituals that require an item from the person who is the target of the spell. Once this is done the figurine can then be used to directly affect the intended individual whether that is to heal or harm.

The most universally recognized poppet is the Voodoo Doll, in which practitioners use to cast spells on evil doers and inflict pain on with needles or other such instruments such as rose thorns. It is believed that after a spell is cast on a Voodoo doll, the represented human will die if the doll is broken or shattered.


Piper created a wax figurine of the warlock Jeremy to represent him while casting a spell to drive him, a former love, away forever.[1]

Another instance was when Piper was infected with Oroya Fever in Awakened, a ninja doll was used to transfer Piper's illness to and infecting it with her blood. The poppet then gained a life of its own and infected innocents with the fever.[2]

Witch Doctors also use poppets in a similar fashion.[3]


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