Issue 4 realtor
Piper Halliwell's Realtor
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Light Blond



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Mortal Enemies


Piper's realtor was a blonde woman who Piper hired to find her the right place for her to open her restaurant, which is eventually named Halliwell's.


This blonde woman had taken Piper to eight different places to see if she could start her restaurant there. The last place had Piper convinced, though her realtor found it a dump.

Because of a spell that the Source of All Evil had cast on all mortals of the mortal world, the realtor suddenly turned violent and began to attack Piper. After a while, Piper froze the realtor and escaped, driving back to the manor.

It is unknown what has happened with her afterwards, although it may be presumed that she turned back to normal when she unfroze.


Piper Halliwell's Realtor appeared in a total of 1 comic issue throughout course of the series.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • It has been rumored that her appearance was based off Uma Thurman's character in "Kill Bill".

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