Piper is getting close to opening her restaurant, but there's still plenty of work to be done, even just a day before it opens. As a result, she's barely had any time to spend with her family. Wyatt comes up with a solution when he goes to the Book of Shadows and finds the multiplication spell, which he uses to conjure up multiple Pipers.

The next morning, Piper is obviously concerned by the situation, and her sons deny being responsible, but she decides to take advantage of it. Real Piper gets coffee with Phoebe, but when she goes off to the bathroom, another Piper shows up and heads off with Phoebe. Real Piper goes to her restaurant, where she encounters two Pipers instead of one, thinking no one stayed home with the kids.

Cloning 2

Real Piper calls Phoebe, and they quickly figure out that there are way more Pipers than they had previously thought. We see what some of them are up to — including a trio disciplining Wyatt, one seducing Leo, and then one at has been to the flower shop with Paige joins them — while the Real Piper begins to feel adverse effects from the spell. Paige rounds all the ones at the restaurant up into Piper's SUV, Leo fends off the seductive Piper and everyone meets up at the manor, where Real Piper apologizes to Wyatt for not being around, then gets him to undo the spell, but instead of reading it backwards, Wyatt puts his glowing hands on the Book and the fake Pipers disappear.

The restaurant opens successfully that night, with Wyatt apologizing for the trouble by wearing a little tuxedo while handing out hors d'œuvres. The entire family then gathers in the back to make a toast to Piper. We pan outside where the line to get in is incredibly long, and above it we see the sign showing off the name — Halliwell's.

Some of the plot analysis by adamreisinger taken from his review of charmed #13

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