Phosphorus cauldron coop
Phosphorus Cauldron
Artifact Information

A neutral vessel capable of holding all kinds of magic


Magic School

The Phosphorus Cauldron is a neutral vessel, strong enough to contain all forms of magic. It was used to gather enough magic to vanquish the Source of All Evil from all kinds of magical beings.


When Magic School was reclaimed by the forces of good, the demons left behind the cauldron. When the resurrected Source chased the sisters to the school, Leo handed the cauldron to the sisters. The sisters were hesitant to use it, though Leo explained it was a neutral artifact. Paige then collected the magic from several magical beings, including Coop, a mermaid, a leprechaun, a fairy, a nymph, a Unicorn, and Billie Jenkins. When the Source entered the school, the magic collected was used in combination with a potion, Excalibur and a spell to vanquish the Source.[1]


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