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Phoenix Grimoire
Artifact Information

A tome filled with magical notes, spells, and potions


The Phoenix Grimoire is a magical tome possessed by the Phoenix, a clan of elite assassin witches.


Lynn was shown to possess a grimoire which was magically hidden. When the future version of her daughter Bianca asked for it, Lynn apported the grimoire to appear in a red glow. Its content are unknown, except for an unseen spell Bianca used on the Charmed Ones to lower their inhibitions and distract them.[1]

Notable Spells


Notes and Trivia

  • The Grimoire prop is the same one used for Tuatha's Grimoire. The cover received a few changes, but all the pages remain the same.
  • The Phoenix possessing Grimoires instead of a Book of Shadows is another indicator that the nature of the Phoenix is morally ambiguous.