Phoebe Who?
Phoebe Who (novel cover)
Time to yourself just took on a whole new meaning…
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Written by

Emma Harrison

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Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

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Season 6

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Phoebe Who? is the 38th book in the Charmed novels.

It is set in Season 6 between "I Dream of Phoebe" and "Crimes and Witch-Demeanors", as Paige has dark hair again, but Phoebe still has her powers.


A battle's finale, one sister lost—
Enemies disguised as friends, aim to cross.
Two sisters must remind her what she can't recall:
To bring her home safely and restore power to all.

Phoebe is exhausted—between work, demon fighting, and helping her sisters, she has no time for herself. When she wakes from a battle not knowing who or where she is, Phoebe gets her long-awaited getaway and then some. A stranger named Aura promptly finds her and takes Phoebe into her care. There's something off about Aura and her friends, but Phoebe ignores her instinct and tries to settle into this new, relaxed lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Piper and Paige fear the worst. They scry for Phoebe, but she is nowhere to be found. Not only have Aura and her friends put a cloaking spell on Phoebe, but they have also reintroduced her to magic, taking her on "missions" to steal protection charms from good witches. Their latest mission? Convincing Phoebe that Piper and Paige are evil and need to be rendered powerless. Will Piper and Paige be able to find Phoebe—and help her find herself—in time to restore the Power of Three?






  • Victor Bennett: Piper and Phoebe's father.
  • Tilly: Aura's "wuss" cousin, and presumably a witch.
  • Aura Chen's Grandmother: She was the guardian of one of the four amulets. Having grown weak and senile, she was unable to stop her granddaughter from stealing her amulet.
  • Mikey: Paige's kid charge, who she thought was being hunted by a lower-level demon. Paige suspects him to be a Future Whitelighter and has been tutoring him.
  • Pete: Piper's assistant manager. He is known to be a slacker, having neglected balancing the checkbook for two months. She made a mental note to fire Pete.
  • Prue Halliwell: The eldest Charmed One, who died at the hands of Shax. Her powers included Telekinesis and Astral Projection.
  • Penny Halliwell: The late Charmed Ones' grandmother with the power of Telekinesis.
  • Victor Bennett: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's father.
  • Cole Turner: Phoebe's heart-wrenching, but most memorable love of her life.

Magical Notes


Cloaking Spell

Goddess be, protect this, our charge, from harms.
Let her not be sought or seen by those who work their charm.

To Call a Lost Witch

Power of the witches rise,
Course unseen across the skies,
Come to Us who call you near,
Come to Us and settle here.
Blood to blood I summon thee.
Blood to blood return to me.

Strengthening Spell

We four stand, hand in hand, forming in impenetrable band.
Let their powers fuel my own. Let us all have powers grown.

To Bestow Good Luck

Sláinte is táinte.

Power Stripping Spell

Requires the four Wiccan amulets
These two witches that we see, let their powers no longer be.
Take from them that which helps them fight, let their powers flee into the night.

To Restore Phoebe's Memory

Powers that be, help our sister see. Bring back her every memory.
Let her new life fade away, and bring her back to her true way.

To Reverse the Power Stripping Spell

These two witches that I love, bring back their powers from above.
Bring back that which helps them fight, let their powers be set to right.

To Curse an Evil Witch

Evil witch in my sight,
vanquish thyselves, vanquish thy might,
in this and every future life.

To Find the Flecter Emperor

By the forces of Heaven and Hell, draw to us this demon's lair.
So that we may vanquish this evil, help us find him, take us there.



Notes and Trivia

Differences from the Show

  • Elise is called "Elyse" in this book.
  • Unlike the show, Leo is still the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter.
  • Piper is not pregnant and Chris Halliwell doesn't exist.
  • Leo has blue eyes in the book while they are hazel on the show.
  • The ogre is called a "giant" in the book.
  • The spell To Call a Lost Witch requires taro root in the book.

International Titles

  • Dutch: Phoebe wie? (Phoebe who?)