"I don't know if Phoebe ever thought of me as her friend... but I always thought of her as mine."
— Elise reveals her fondness for Phoebe.[src]

The relationship between Phoebe Halliwell and Elise Rothman, is a very close and friendly one, as well as one of the longest lasting friendships in the series. The two started off with a professional, work relationship, often having verbal disputes about deadlines and what not. As the years progressed, they developed a unique bond as friends.

History Edit

Season 4Edit


Phoebe in her future office.

"This is cute, very clever, and I appreciate the evening chuckle, but I need to see the real pages."
—Elise shows Phoebe how important the paper is to her.[src]

In the Spring of 2002, Phoebe Halliwell and Elise Rothman met for the first time. This meeting would mark an important event in Phoebe's professional life, as she became the advice columnist for the Bay Mirror.

Their innocent, Karen Young, who at the time was the advice columnist for the Bay Mirror, was infected with a demonic power. Karen was worried that she would be fired if she didn't show up for work. Phoebe said she would take care of it and went to the Bay Mirror to sort things out. When Phoebe arrived she met her future boss, Elise. Phoebe asked Elise if she would extend the deadline for column, but Elise was not willing to do so as it was the evening edition. With Phoebe's good nature and her B.A., she marched off to write Karen's column. Phoebe worked extremely hard on Karen's column treating it as if she actually worked there.

Charmed416 532

Phoebe is overjoyed that Elise likes her column.

Karen escaped the Halliwell Manor and was on her way to murder Elise. Piper calls Phoebe to warn her that Karen might be heading to the Bay Mirror. She and Leo head back there in case Karen shows up. Phoebe has completed the column, just as Karen barges into the office. She spews acid at them, but Piper jumps out of the way while Phoebe levitates. The spray melts Karen's computer. Piper freezes Karen, and she and Leo stall Elise while Phoebe pours the potion down Karen's throat, removing the demonic power from within her.

Elise then walked in and asked where the column was. Phoebe handed it to Elise, and she read the column, she was surprised at how good it was, saying, "Ha! That's funny.You should be sick more often. This is good stuff". Soon after that, Karen told Elise the truth. Elise then fired Karen, and hired Phoebe to take her place.


Phoebe ready to kill Elise.

After Phoebe ascended to the throne of the Underworld, she still continued being the advice columnist of the Bay Mirror, despite the Seer's constant advisement for her to quit, saying that she was the queen of the Underworld and that she didn't need to work. However, the growing evil inside her continued to strengthen; such to the point her advice started becoming violent and vengeful, for example: "Dear Betrayed, I suggest you beat your cheating husband with his secretary's stapler. Then he'll think twice before bending her over her desk again". Elise was not at all happy and called her advice a joke. She told Phoebe that she had until tomorrow to turn in the new column. Phoebe was enraged and about to throw a fireball at her, only to be stopped when Cole arrives. He say if she wants her boss killed, he has people for that. Just in time, Phoebe comes to her senses and admits that her advice was off.

Season 5Edit

"And at the risk of advising an advice columnist, I say you bid on a bachelor or two tomorrow. That way I can live vicariously through you."
— Elise joking with Phoebe.[src]

In the Fall of 2002, Phoebe finally seemed adjusted to her life at the mirror. Throughout 2002 and 2003, Elise and Phoebe would become very close friends. Even to the point where Elise would give Phoebe advice in her love life.

All was well, until Elise walked into Phoebe's office, asking Phoebe to get an exclusive interview with her ex-husband, Cole Turner, who Elise calls "Super Man". Phoebe thought it was a ridiculous idea. Elise tells Phoebe, "Consider it a personal favor, and by favor, I mean order". Phoebe begs Elise to forget about the interview, but Elise declines, and Phoebe is forced to get the interview anyway.

While Cole was using the law against the Charmed Ones, a woman, suing the Mirror, claims that Phoebe is taking out her anger at Cole on her readers, and has made it her mission to wreck other marriages. Probably because the column said, "If you have any doubts, any doubts at all, I suggest you flee at the speed of a baby cheetah at suppertime". She is demanding Phoebe's firing. Elise honestly believes Phoebe is innocent, but is forced to suspend her without pay.

In House Call, a sexist advice columnist at another paper, Spencer Ricks, who Phoebe calls a "turkey", is stealing the Bay Mirror's readership. Elise and the other editors have decided to fight fire with fire. they have arranged for Phoebe to take part in a photo shoot at 415, a highly recognized magazine in the area. This photo shoot is for local celebrities. Phoebe was hesitant to go at first, but after Elise said Spencer Ricks would be there, Phoebe left immediately.

Charmed522 142

Phoebe and Elise discuss Jason.

Shortly before the release of the Titans, Elise and Phoebe are making the final preparations for a bachelor auction. Elise really wants the charity to go without a hitch and requests that Phoebe thank her sister for donating the club for the charity. Elise talked with Jason earlier, and he said it was almost as hot in Hong Kong as it is in San Francisco. Phoebe feels really weird ending a good relationship abruptly. Elise, at the risk of advising the advice columnist, suggests Phoebe to bid on a bachelor so she can have a relationship closer to home.

Later, after Phoebe becomes the Goddess of Love, she goes to the auction and every single male falls head over heels for her. They all bid thousands of dollars on her and follow her home as her servants. After the Titan situation was resolved, Elise called Phoebe on the phone and praised her for raising 18,000 dollars at the auction.

Season 6Edit


Elise with a swollen eye.

"You can always send in the column. Email, fax machine! It's the 21st century and I'd like to welcome you to it. "
— Elise encourages Phoebe to communicate with Jason.[src]

In the Summer of 2003, Phoebe developed a new power, empathy. She lacked any control over the power and often unintentionally channeled the emotions of people. Such is the case during a verbal dispute between Elise and an Employee. Phoebe felt his anger towards Elise and in response, punched her in the face which resulted in Elise getting a black eye. This caused an all out brawl in the office, in which everyone got injured.

Soon after this, Wyatt conjured a dragon and exposed magic. The Cleaners took Wyatt away and removed all memories of him from the world. This caused Phoebe to forget the office brawl that took place the day before. Elise called her on the phone and demanded Phoebe get to the office immediately or she would lose her job. Phoebe arrived at the office was heavily thanked by her co-workers, all except Elise, who demanded she get in her office immediately. Elise began scolding Phoebe telling her the only reason she still had a job was because she was such a valuable asset to the paper.


Elise argues with Phoebe about Jason.

Later, Elise is begging Phoebe to take time off so she can go see Jason in Hong Kong. Phoebe is reluctant to go. Elise tells Phoebe to take advice from her, saying, "Don't let it be work". Phoebe is worrying about it being another city. Elise then says, "You could always send in the column. Email, fax machine. It's the twenty-first century and I'd like to welcome you to it. When I say take time, I don't mean a vacation. Go live there for a while, give it a shot". Elise then tells Phoebe she doesn't want to wake up and realize all she has is her career. This inspires Phoebe to move to Hong Kong so she live with Jason.

Season 7Edit


Phoebe goes on a sabbatical.

"Don't sell yourself short, Phoebe. I have faith in you. Besides, you owe me. Just think of all the times I've covered for your family emergencies"
— Elise lets Phoebe cover for her.[src]

In the Summer of 2004, Elise is praising Phoebe for her classy yet provocative column. Phoebe feels terrible, she tells Elise that she accidentally recycled the advice from last years column and didn't realize the mistake until she sent it in. Elise tells her advice columnists recycle advice all the time. Phoebe says that they do, but she doesn't because she cares about her job. Elise tells her to take a sabbatical so she get her groove back. Phoebe isn't sure about it, but Elise tells her not to worry because she will hire a ghost writer.

Elise then calls Phoebe later to come and meet the new ghost writer, Leslie. Phoebe is shocked to find out Leslie isn't a girl and tells Elise that men can't be advice columnists. Phoebe is instantly attracted to Leslie and begins making out with him. Elise remarks "Phoebe!". Phoebe slowly backs away and then swiftly leaves only to come back for her purse moments later.


Elise fears Phoebe is quitting.

In the Winter of 2005, shortly before Utopia, Phoebe is throwing away her letters as there won't be anymore conflict in the world. Elise walks in Phoebe's office and fears she is leaving the Mirror. Elise asks Phoebe if she likes her job anymore. Phoebe tells her that she loves her job, and that things change for the better. Elise doesn't understand what Phoebe is trying to say. Phoebe asks her, "Um, okay. Have you ever gone through a period in your life where all you can think about, all you wanna do, is just get away from it? Elise replies, "When I was married to my ex, James L. Connors. What a schmuck". Phoebe asks if she was able to move on from him. Elise replies, "yeah". Phoebe says, "Well, it's the same thing. That's what I'm talking about. One door closes and another one opens. Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith". Elise still doesn't understand. Phoebe then hugs Elise, and thanks her for everything she's done.


Phoebe and Elise discuss the low crime rate.

During Utopia, Phoebe goes to the Bay Mirror and asks Elise how things in the paper were doing. Elise happily replied, "They aren't!" Elise stated that it was the thinnest issue they had ever had. She said there was no crime to speak of and if it weren't for the unusually high obituaries, they would have a "one sheet". Elise feels that something bad will happen, due to her being in the business so long. Phoebe says, "Maybe. Or maybe it's a shame when we don't trust when good things happen". Elise thought that was excellent advice, and that Phoebe should put it in her next advice column.


Elise demands Phoebe cover for her.

In the Spring of 2005, Phoebe is just about to leave work, Elise catches her and says, "Oh, no, you don't. This time I've got a family emergency, which means I need you to get the evening edition out". Phoebe asks if Richard is there. Elise tells her Richard is out sick. Phoebe feels that she can't do it because she's just an advice columnist. Elise bestows confidence in Phoebe, saying, "Don't sell yourself short, Phoebe. I have faith in you. Besides, you owe me. Think of the times I've covered for your family emergencies". Phoebe tells her that it was different. Elise asks how it was different. Phoebe says, "Because they were my emergencies". Elise asks Phoebe if her life is more imprtant than hers. Phoebe says no. Elise says, "Good. I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job". And then walks out. Elise is later seen with Richard, they planned the night out.

Season 8Edit

Charmed801 422

Phoebe and Elise hug.

"The best friend I could ever ask for."
—Elise mourns Phoebe[src]

During the Fall of 2005, and after the defeat of Zankou, and the apparent deaths of the Charmed Ones, Elise attended Phoebe's "funeral". She gave her sincere condolences to Victor, Phoebe's father. Later, when Phoebe dropped by the Mirror, there was a shrine dedicated to Phoebe Halliwell in her honor. All of her co-workers were mourning her. One of those mourners was Elise. Phoebe (disguised as Julie Bennett), began a conversation with Elise. Elise called Phoebe the "daughter she never had". Phoebe began to cry and hugged Elise. Phoebe said she never knew and almost blew her cover.

Season 9Edit


Elise Glamoured.

In Morality Bites Back, Phoebe is chatting with Mika when Elise walks in. She wants to talk about the live web chat she'll be having later in the day. Later that day, Phoebe researches Cal Greene. She discovers that the paper stopped writing about him a year ago. Phoebe goes to Elise to ask why. Elise tells her about a brutalised woman who told the story of how Cal attacked her. Cal threatened to sue the Mirror, causing Elise to back off.

A while later, Phoebe gets a premonition of Elise's funeral. She realizes Cal is going after Elise. Piper freezes Cal just as he is leaving, and they find Elise barely alive. Paige is able to heal her before she dies. The sisters cast a spell to have Elise appear to be brutalized by Cale Greene, who Paige glamours into. This causes Phoebe to tell Elise that she's a witch.

Elise and phoebe

Elise helps Phoebe search for Coop's past.

In Cupid's Harrow, Elise makes her first appearance since finding out about Phoebe. Elise says that she is still coming to terms with the existence of magic, but helps Phoebe do research into Coop's past.

When all the mortals of the world become magical and the real magical community is made powerless (The Old Witcheroo), Elise gains the power of Nature Enhancement, allowing her to make plant life grow with a wave of her hands. Elise is first seen using this ability when she visits Halliwell Manor to see Phoebe (whom had just given birth to Parker Halliwell). She later uses this power to help the sisters decorate the outside of The Manor with foliage in order to make their home appear more magical to fit in with the rest of the newly empowered neighborhood.

Season 10Edit

In Court of Love, Elise is asked to watch over PJ and Parker while Coop and Phoebe went to the Court of Love to face their sentence for Coop's misbehavior as a Cupid. When Phoebe returns home alone, she tells Elise everything in tears, including sensing her third daughter.

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