A chart of Phoebe Halliwell's premonitions throughout the seasons, listed in chronological order.

Season One

Image Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
Phoebes first premonition Bicycle Two skateboarders/rollerskaters being hit by a passing car.
  • Rollerskater boys
  • Car driver
Phoebe Halliwell stopped the boys but injured herself and was taken to County General Hospital.
Cauldron Jeremy Burns surviving thorns erupting in his body by the To Lose a Love Forever ritual and heading for the Halliwell Manor. Jeremy Burns The sisters try to escape the house before his arrival.
AlecPremonition I've Got You Under My Skin Sight of Alec Alec asking her if he could buy her a martini. Phoebe agrees to have a drink with him.
I've Got You Under My Skin Lottery ticket The winning lotto number. None Phoebe gave the numbers to an elderly couple and bought a ticket for herself.
Premonition I've Got You Under My Skin Doorknob Phoebe being attacked by Javna. Phoebe runs from the building into her van, where Javna is waiting and kidnaps her from there.
1x03-BOSVictorholdingBOS Thank You For Not Morphing Victor Bennett Marshall, disguised as Victor Bennett, steals the Book of Shadows.


Firstly and secondly, Phoebe believes it is her father wanting to take the Book.
Victor transforms into Marshall Thank You For Not Morphing Victor Bennett Marshall, disguised as Victor Bennett, steals the Book of Shadows, transforms back into himself, and joins Fritz and Cynda. She sees an extended version of the same vision and realizes it's the shapeshifters disguised as Victor and finds the Safety Spell to vanquish them.
Dead Man Dating Frankie Frankie at dinner with "gorgeous" blonde before his wife shows up and catches them.
  • Frankie
  • Blonde woman
  • Red-haired woman
Frankie, convinced of Phoebe's skills, hires her.
Dead Man Dating Mrs. Correy Mrs. Correy at a cocktail party.

Mrs. Correy

Mrs Correy refuses to believe her and tries to take back her money, but Phoebe refuses.
Dead Man Dating Nick Correy's wallet Nick Correy getting hit by a pink Cadillac.

Nick Correy

Phoebe tries to warn Nick, but he refuses to believe her due to his wife.
Dead Man Dating TV news of Tony Wong's death Tony Wong loading his gun in his office.

Tony Wong

Phoebe sees an import of a warehouse in China Town; Piper goes there to expose his faked death.
Dead Man Dating None Nick Correy getting hit by a pink Cadillac.

Nick Correy

Phoebe sees the moment seconds ahead and saves the man.
The Wedding from Hell Pregnancy stick carbon box A hideous-looking fetus being born.
  • Hecate's future child
  • Doctors
Phoebe believes Piper is pregnant with a demonic child and tries to find a way to solve the problem, until Prue tells her the baby is of Hecate.
Phoebe Having Premonition of Prue Being Attacked The Fourth Sister Aviva's sweater Prue enters her room just as Aviva throws a fireball at her. Phoebe enters Prue's room and Aviva fires at her by accident. Phoebe blocks the attack with Aviva's sweater, but gets burned on the arm.
Tanyadeath The Truth is Out There... and It Hurts Gavin Tanya Parker screams as a blue beam penetrates her forehead; her eyes turn white and then she falls to the ground dead.

Tanya Parker

Phoebe starts looking for Tanya.
Tanyadeath The Truth is Out There... and It Hurts Tanya Parker Tanya Parker screams as a blue beam penetrates her forehead; her eyes turn white and then she falls to the ground dead.

Tanya Parker

Phoebe runs downstairs to find Tanya in the parking lot with Gavin and saves her.
The Witch is Back Pewter Heart Melinda Warren curses Matthew Tate; sealing him inside the locket. Phoebe realizes Matthew's relation to Melinda, the Halliwell ancestor.
The Witch is Back Matthew Tate Matthew choking Melinda at the Manor. Matthew copies Phoebe's power; Phoebe calls home to warn Melinda, but fails. She and Piper rush home and find Melinda unharmed.
Wicca Envy Rex Buckland's hypnosis Prue running out of the office at Buckland's.

Prue Halliwell

Phoebe rushes to Buckland's and finds Prue unharmed but a security guard dead.
Clay-premonition Feats of Clay Clay Muniz Phoebe and Clay having sex. Phoebe and Clay hang out and slowly rekindle their old flame. The vision is about to come true, but Prue comes into her room and interrupts them.
Clay-snake Feats of Clay Clay Muniz A long Egyptian serpent about to attack Clay.

Clay Muniz

Phoebe, Prue and Piper rush to save Clay. The snake attempts to bite Phoebe. Clay blocks its fangs with his arm; the unselfish act saves him from the curse.
The Wendigo Teri Lane's bracelet A PI's car runs off path and the bracelet falls to the ground.


Phoebe uses resources and newspapers to find the bracelet's owner, and reunites Teri Lane with her mother.
Turning into a Wendigo 6 The Wendigo Agent Fallon's contact card Ashley turns into a wendigo and makes her move on Andy. Phoebe and Prue handcuff Piper to the pipes in the basement and go after Ashley to save Andy.
PhoebePremonitionPrueDrowning From Fear to Eternity Bottled water Prue being drowned in the shower.

Prue Halliwell

Phoebe rushes home and finds her safe, with Andy Trudeau and Darryl Morris
WoogymanPremGrams Is There a Woogy in the House? Grams' picture with Prue, Piper and Phoebe Grams hears Phoebe's voice and tells her to go back to bed. Phoebe tries to face her fear by going into the basement to help the gasman. The Woogyman takes control of her and gives her the power of conjuration.
WoogymanPremGrams2 Is There a Woogy in the House? Grams' picture with Prue, Piper and Phoebe Grams hears Phoebe's voice and tells her to go back to bed, and faces the Woogyman. Phoebe fights the Woogyman's control over her and casts the Woogyman Spell to banish it.
Which Prue is It, Anyway? Prue Halliwell An unknown man approaches with a crystal sword and impales Prue, killing her. Phoebe warns Prue of her death.
Which Prue is It, Anyway? Prue Halliwell Prue panics as a flash canister falls to the floor and explodes. Gabriel jumps in through the window in the conservatory. Prue, Piper and Phoebe concoct a plan to kill Gabriel; Prue wears sunglasses when the flash canister appears and leads Gabriel into the living room where they kill him with his crystal sword.
When Bad Warlocks Go Good Brendan Rowe's pen A monstrous-looking warlock punches Brendan, sending him flying across the church. Phoebe warns Prue and Piper; Prue rushes in and saves Brendan from the warlocks.
Out of Sight Brent Miller A young, blinded Brent Miller walks through a tunnel in the sewers and walks under a pipe. The vision ends with a sign.

Brent Miller

Phoebe triggers Brent's memories and uses that to find the Grimlocks' lair.
Phoebepremonition 014 The Power of Two Piper Halliwell's airplane ticket Piper comes to the airport field just as the flight takes off.

Piper Halliwell

Phoebe tells Piper about this, and she rushes to the airport in time to get on the flight.
The Power of Two Jackson Ward's knife An old woman screams and faints; Jackson holds the knife in his hand, about to kill her. Phoebe, Prue and Andy rush to Iris's house and save her.
1x22-Piper-Phoebe-Andy Deja Vu All Over Again Newspaper Andy Trudeau dead in the Manor's living room. Phoebe closes his eyes. The vision repeats twice as time repeats itself. Prue tries to warn Andy; but he comes during the second reset and gets hit by an energy ball thrown by Inspector Rodriguez.

Season Two

Image Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
2x01-nicholas Witch Trial Prue's, Piper's and Phoebe's photo Nicholas uses his organ-heating power, causing Prue to collapse. Phoebe and Piper try to warn Prue, but she ignores their call. She manages to vanquish Nicholas before she collapsed.
2x02 Premonition 6 Morality Bites Television news on Cal Greene Phoebe being burned alive as execution settled by Nathaniel Pratt on February 26th, 2009. Prue and Piper cry as they watch on. Prue, Piper and Phoebe travel to the future to find out why it happens.
2x02-CalGreene2 Morality Bites Cal Greene's death newspaper clipping Cal Greene walks into a hall; Phoebe catches him from behind, places her hands on both sides of his head and electrocutes him. They float in the air, and Cal falls to the floor dead. Phoebe realizes her damage and bravely faces her death penalty.
2x05-Owen She's a Man, Baby, a Man! Owen Grant Owen is being seduced by an unknown woman. The woman opens her mouth and releases a razor-sharp tongue that enters Owen's mouth. Prue, magically disguised as a man, punches Owen in the face in front of the succubus, causing her to be attracted to Prue instead. Owen is kept in jail until the demon was vanquished.
2x07-eric-bragg-getting-attacked They're Everywhere Eric Bragg Eric being held on a table as a needle-like finger penetrates his skull. Phoebe and Piper find him just in time to save him.
Patty freezing Sam P3 H2O Sam Wilder Patty Halliwell is preparing to vanquish the Water Demon. Sam runs to the dock and tries to stop her; she freezes him, and in a second of lost focus, the water demon attacks her. It enters her body, drowning her from the inside. Phoebe, Piper, Prue, Leo and Sam figure out Patty's plan to vanquish the demon. They combine efforts to vanquish the water demon once and for all; Sam dies saving Prue from the same fate.
2x11-Man Reckless Abandon Matthew van Lewen Matthew's dad, Gilbert van Lewen, grabs him and takes him away from the house. A ghost flashes in and shoots electricity. Prue, Piper and Phoebe care for Matthew while they figure out a way to save the Gilbert family from the ghost.
Animal Pragmatism The Rabbit A man bites a girl's neck. Phoebe figures out her fellow classmates were bitten by a snake transformed into a man. Prue and Piper find them on time to get them to the hospital.
Give Me a Sign Demonic weapon Bane Jessup blindfolds and gags a tied-down Prue. Phoebe and Piper realize she is with Bane and try to find her.
2x16-PastPrue Murphy's Luck An old photo film roll A young Prue stands on a highbridge to take a picture.

Prue Halliwell

Phoebe and Piper realize the vision from the time Phoebe got registered into a hospital because Prue drove against red light. They realize a Darklighter wants to make her jump from the bridge and go to stop her.
Ex Libris Charlene Hughes's notes Phoebe faces Libris, who is about to cut off her head with a scythe. Phoebe, Piper, Prue and Charlene find the demon using Charlene's memories. Charlene protects Phoebe from Libris while Prue astral projects into their location to vanquish the demon.
Astral Monkey Phoebe Monkey Dr. Curtis Williamson angrily yells at the screaming monkey and accidentally knocks over some chemistry-filled jars using telekinesis. Phoebe realizes Dr. Williamson had gotten their powers.
Apocalypse, Not Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Devastating explosions erupting all around the world. None Phoebe and Piper refuse to work together with the Horsemen to save Prue and their companion. The Source opens a portal to vanquish them; Phoebe and Piper use the portal to save Prue.
PhoebePremonitionLamp Be Careful What You Witch For Jacket A genie bottle falls underneath a white bench in the conservatory. None Phoebe uses the vision to find the urn while Leo distracts the Dragon Warlock, and uses one of the Genie's wishes to bring Prue back to life.

Season Three

Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
The Honeymoon's Over Cole's card Emilio carves an inverted triangle on Cole's forehead Phoebe and Prue arrive fighting Emilio and vanquishing his Guardian.
Magic Hour Owl feather Christopher is standing in a forest when a wolf barks him. The Charmed Ones find the place in the forest, and see Christopher. The wolf runs out of the bushes and barks at the sisters. Christopher screams "no!" and the wolf runs up to Christopher. The wolf doesn't attack him, and runs off with Christopher to an old house.
Sight Unseen Prue's photograph Phoebe sees Prue in the kitchen running from Abbey, who then fires her gun at Prue. Prue falls to the floor, shot dead. Piper and Phoebe rush to the Manor and just as Abbey fires at Prue, Piper freezes the room, thus stopping the bullet targeting Prue in midair. She grabs the bullet, saving Prue. Prue then telekinetically sends Abbey flying into the curio cabinet.
Primrose Empath Vinceres's apartment Vinceres killing a police officer, a woman and finally a patient at a psychiatric hospital. Phoebe, Piper, Prue and Leo find Father Thomas and take him back to the Manor.
We All Scream for Ice Cream Slide Little Prue running around the playground inside a magical ice-cream truck in fear. Victor comes to her rescue and takes her away. Prue, Piper and Phoebe meet with Victor and learn about what happened years before.
Blinded by the Whitelighter Athamé A bald man looks around in confusion. The warlock Eames throws a fireball at him, vaporizing him instantly. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Leo find Eames and the darklighter. The darklighter attacks, but Piper freezes him; Eames appears and kills him, and takes his crossbow.
Wrestling with Demons Unknown (Took place Off-Screen)

A Chinese man being murdered by a demon.

Darryl tries to take him in for protection to no avail; Prue and Darryl follow him and save him on time.
The Good, the Bad and the Cursed Phoebe's bruised lip Bo Lightfeather getting shot in the back, and throws a dagger at Slade. It hits him in the chest, killing him. Phoebe gets hurt the same time the vision hits; Prue and Cole travel to an alternate universe of the cursed town to save Bo; and subsequently save Phoebe.
The Good, the Bad and the Cursed Unknown Townsfolk watch as Mr. Sutter torment Bo with a whip and then shoots him to death; thus starts the time looping curse. Prue and Cole convince the townspeople to stand up to Sutter's gang and defeat them.
Death Takes a Halliwell Secret closet in Cole's apartment One of the two Seekers kills Reece Davidson; Prue witnesses the incident and turns away. The sisters try to protect him, but he winds up dead anyway.
Look Who's Barking Banshee index on the Book of Shadows A young girl in a phonebooth. A loud sonic scream causes the glass to break and blood oozes from the girl's eyes. Piper and Phoebe cast a tracking spell on Prue, turning her into a dog. They find the banshee and save the girl together.
All Hell Breaks Loose Unknown (Took place Off-Screen)

Shax's attack on Dr. Griffiths at San Francisco Memorial Hospital.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell rescue Griffiths and bring him to the Halliwell Manor.

Season Four

Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
Charmed Again, Part 1 Paige Matthews Shax appears on a rooftop with a helipad and attacks Paige. Phoebe and Cole find Paige and witness her orbing out of harm's way before confronting Shax.
Size Matters Miniature Face of Gammill in his younger form; flashes of his old rotten house and open flames.


Phoebe drops the miniature; Gammill gets mad and shrinks her.
Brain Drain Book of Shadows The Source appears at the manor, facing Phoebe and Paige. He orbs the Book in his hand, then kills Phoebe and Paige with molecular combustion. Phoebe and Paige locate Piper using a mind link spell; Cole and Leo find Piper with the Source. Together, they stop the Source and persuade Piper from relinquishing their powers.
Black as Cole Susan Coleman's tri-crescent moon pendant A demon resembling Belthazor catches Susan from behind and stabs her. Phoebe impersonates Susan to lure out the demon; Emma runs into the action and attacks, giving Sykes the opportunity to shimmer away.
Trial by Magic Knife A woman being stabbed to death in an alley. The killer has a tattoo of Medusa with snakes for hair. Phoebe sees the accused man, Stan Provazolli, lacked the tattoo and tries to save him from jail.
Charmed and Dangerous Cole Turner Phoebe stands defenselessly in front of the Source; he throws a fireball at her; Cole runs in between and takes the hit. Phoebe tries to keep Cole safe; Cole takes in the Hollow and uses it to steal the Source's power, allowing the Charmed Ones to vanquish him. The powers of darkness, however, stayed with him.
The Fifth Halliwheel Karen Young A demon sneaks around the alley where Karen is; and then hits her with an orb, which dives into her body. Phoebe and Piper figure out that the orb contained demonic powers, and used a potion to extract it before she died.
We're Off to See the Wizard Cole Turner Cole throwing fireballs, working with the Seer and other demons, killing demons and flaming. Phoebe runs to her sisters.
Long Live the Queen Malick Malick throwing an energyball at Greg Conroy Phoebe goes to her sisters and Leo to stop Malick, but also allows him to leave alive.
Womb Raider Nothing The Seer shoots energy at Paige locked in a magic-proof cage, killing her. Phoebe willingly goes to the Seer, who steals her baby. Later, they summon Piper into the cage and vanquish the entire council of demons, including the Seer.

Season Five

Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
The Eyes Have It Lydia Nicolae Phoebe sees Cree blinding Lydia with his power in an attempt to steal her eyes. The sisters find Lydia just in time, Piper blast Cree with her power, Paige then orb them all back to the manor.
The Eyes Have It A tea cup Phoebe sees Cree blinding Ava with his power. Lydia took Ava's place in the premonition, and was murdered by Cree. Phoebe then vanquished Cree with a potion.
The Eyes Have It The Evil Eye Phoebe literally astral projected into the Premonition where she see Orin attacking the girls in the Attic; she sees Piper's power falling to work on Orin, Orin shooting a beam at Leo, then Paige and then at her. When she is hit by the beam, she is knocked out of her Premonition, wounded by the beam in reality. The girls then go to the attic, look for the spell to call upon their ancestors, Orin attacks. They tell Ava to substitute the Warren witches names with the Nicolae family names, they chant the spell thus vanquishing Orin.
A Witch In Time When Miles and Phoebe kiss, a Premonition is triggered. Phoebe see Miles being caught in a shoot out between a cop and a robber trying to escape being caught in an alley. In an attempt to shoot the cop, the robber misfires, shooting Miles, who then falls to the pavement. Miles is shot dead.
  • Miles
  • Robber with the gun
  • A police officer
Phoebe and Piper drive to the area where the shootout occurs, and just as the robber fires his gun, Piper freeze the scene. Phoebe then grabs the bullet, places the robber's gun on the ground. Then as Piper unfreezes the alley she pushes Miles to the ground, saving him.
A Witch In Time When Miles and Phoebe kiss, a 2rd Premonition is triggered. Phoebe sees Mile impaled with an athame and falls to the ground, killed again. In an attempt to stop this Phoebe has her sisters and Leo Wyatt join her meal with Miles. During the meal, Bacarra attacks, throwing the athame in Miles' direction, Phoebe then leaps across the table knocking Miles out of the way, landing on the floor.
A Witch In Time When Miles and Phoebe kiss, a 3rd Premonition is triggered. Phoebe sees Miles standing on his balcony, he leans against the rail looking at the city, a bolt comes loose, the rail wobbles then comes undone. Miles slips, grabs onto the balcony but falls to his death. Miles Phoebe goes with Miles to his apartment, she saves him when he is about to fall from the balcony.
A Witch In Time When she hugs him - her fourth and final Premonition of Miles is triggered. Phoebe has a vision of them in bed and Cole watching over the 2 of them as they sleep. Phoebe stays awake and confronts Cole, who tells her he is there to help watch over Miles.
Sand Francisco Dreamin' Sandman A Tracer Demon sends electric bolts and disintegrates a sandman. Phoebe tells Leo about her dream; Leo finds out that Sandmen are in trouble and together, they save the Sandman. The Tracer demon accidentally destroys the Sandman's bag of dream dust and causes Phoebe's dream figure to come to life.
Lucky Charmed Erik Phoebe saw Erik devouring his victims and discovers his true demonic nature. She was next. Erik Phoebe runs to Piper at the bar counter, who promptly freezes and subsequently blows Erik up.
Lucky Charmed Seamus Fitzpatrick's shilelagh Seamus using the spell to send forth a rainbow for traveling. Seamus Fitzpatrick Phoebe calls forth the rainbow; she and Paige travel to the leprechauns' land where they convince the leprechauns to help save Piper.
Oh My Goddess! Part 1 Scorchmark A couple of entombed ancient Titans being freed from their prison. Phoebe and Paige get home where they look in the Book of Shadows and find out that the Titans had been unleashed on the world.

Season Six

Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
Forget Me...Not Elise Rothman Phoebe sees her fellow coworkers and herself in a riot the day before.
  • Phoebe
  • Workers at the Bay Mirror
Phoebe relives the riot after she goes back in time to remember what made her forget what had happened that day.
Used Karma Karma cleansing spell cast by Richard Montana Mata Hari yelling out in French as the French soldiers execute her. Phoebe's body is inhabited by Mata Hari's karma and therefore changes behavior. She goes after boyfriend Jason Dean.
The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell Potion to invoke Vision Quest Phoebe's mind enters the illusory version of the Manor, where she fights a demon while trying to get into the light leading to the conservatory. A demon jumps down from the ceiling and slashes her shoulder.
  • Phoebe
Phoebe's shoulder gets hurt for real; the vision quest can be dangerous.
The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell Potion to invoke Vision Quest (Took place off-screen)

Continuous failed attempts to reach the light in the conservatory.

  • Phoebe
Enola convinces Phoebe to embrace her mind instead of trying to fight her way through.
The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell Potion to invoke Vision Quest Phoebe ignores the demons in the vision quest: this time their attacks are useless and they disappear. She walks into the light; and sees Piper telling an older Wyatt to let his "little brother" play with a video game; Paige is a teacher at Magic School; and Phoebe herself is pregnant with P.J. Halliwell. Wyatt's little brother tells Phoebe "they" need her help. The vision quest ends with Chris standing where "Wyatt's little brother" was. Phoebe embraces her powers again; she finds out that Chris is Wyatt's future little brother.
I Dream of Phoebe Jinny's letter Jinny screams for help as a demon named Bosk shoots deadly darts at her. Phoebe and Chris orb to the Middle East and find out Jinny is a genie controlled by Bosk.

Season Seven

Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
Styx Feet Under Paige's dead body Phoebe sees Sirk attacking Harriet in Magic School. Leo and Phoebe orb to magic school just in time to rescue Harriet. Phoebe then vanquish Sirk with a potion, and then made a deal with the Angel of Death, trading Sirk's soul for Paige's.
Charmed Noir The book Crossed, Double-Crossed Phoebe sees Paige and Kyle getting sucked into the book. Piper and Phoebe Halliwell help Kyle and Paige escape the book.
Witchness Protection Phoebe and Kyra holding hands, palm to palm. Phoebe sees an older version of herself picking up her daughter, P.J, and her nephews, Chris and Wyatt from school. The vision convinces Phoebe that the Avatars are good. It also lead to the revelation that Leo was an Avatar.
Witchness Protection When Phoebe releases Kyra's hand, a 2rd premonition is triggered. As Phoebe releases Kyra's hand, she has a premonition and sees Zankou vanquishing her. Leo, Piper and Phoebe all agree to help Kyra become human. Sadly, Zankuo kills her before they could. Piper and Phoebe, tired of constant demon attacks, are now willing to talk to the Avatars.
Charmageddon A snow globe Phoebe sees Beta killing Kyle with Electrokinesis. Although Leo did not convert Phoebe right away, the suspicions he passed was enough to Phoebe, upon his death, that he was right about the Avatars


As Phoebe touches the Book of Shadows, a premonition of the significant deaths in her life occurs.

Phoebe sees a total of 8 deaths of people close to her in one premonition.

  1. Andy is blasted by an energy ball from Rodriguez. Killed almost instantly.
  2. Grams has a heart attack, falls down the stairs and dies.
  3. Phoebe is too late to save Miles, who died of a gunshot wound.
  4. Piper dies of a gunshot wound.
  5. Prue's tombstone and her funeral.
  6. Piper crying and Leo mourning at Prue's funeral.
  7. Leo crying after Chris dies and fades away.
  8. Cole is vanquished by the Charmed Ones
Phoebe realises that death is not something to be underestimated or euphemised. She then tries to tell Piper and Paige to feel the pain and griefs of the removal of their partners, causing them to break down. Eventually they go to the Avatars to reverse the Utopia, bringing Leo but not Kyle back.

Season Eight

Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
Still Charmed & Kicking When Dex and Phoebe shake hands, a Premonition is triggered. Phoebe sees Dex and herself dressed in wedding clothes, kissing in the front porch of the Manor. Dex then carries her over the threshold. Phoebe and Dex get married, due to Billie casting the To Make A Lover's Dream Come True spell. After Dex carried Phoebe over the threshold, the spell wore off.
Run, Piper, Run When Phoebe touches Dex, a Premonition is triggered. Phoebe sees Dex' art show being ruined by an earthquake. Phoebe convinced Dex to move all of his art, but Dex places it all back. When the earthquake arrives and Dex holds Phoebe in his arms to protect her, she realizes she wasn't supposed to stop the earthquake, but just supposed to be there.
Hulkus Pocus Baby blanket Phoebe sees her future self with her future daughter; Future Phoebe tells her that it is still possible for her to have the happy future where she has a daughter. Phoebe asks if she will; Future Phoebe replies "I'm a living proof of that... and so is she." Phoebe looks at her future daughter. Phoebe's confidence in her gift and her future is rebuilt.

Season Nine

Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
No Rest for the Wicca Coffin Brittany Reynolds laying in her coffin looking very old. Brittany Reynolds Phoebe Halliwell discovers that Brittany did not die from natural causes.
No Rest for the Wicca Book of Shadows All the innocents she helped saved over the years are now in danger. Every single person/being the Charmed Ones have every saved. The sisters convinced several innocents to take shelter inside the Manor, and placed charms around the ones that chose not to.
Morality Bites Back None Elise laying in her coffin as Phoebe tearfully speaks at the funeral. Phoebe discovers that Elise was Cal Greene's true victim.
Cupid's Harrow A newspaper Coop's mom crying over his body. Phoebe discovers that Coop and the couple in the article are related, and engineered a meeting.
Cupid's Harrow Cole Turner Bree and Mitchell's wedding destroyed by fights. Everyone at the wedding. Phoebe and Coop counselled Bree and Mitchell and saved the day. Coop realized that Phoebe and their daughter are all the family he needs.
Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter A piece of paper Montgomery Knox giving Tyler his business card. Paige Matthews orbs her sisters to Magic School so they could all talk to Tyler.
The Heavens Can Wait Unknown (Took place Off-Screen) Leo going to Glynnis's fortress alone. Leo Wyatt The sisters confronted him before he could.
Prue Ya Gonna Call? None Prue laying dead on the ground. Prue Halliwell While in limbo the magical dead pooled all their powers to cut a hole in limbo allowing Prue's spirit to return to her body.

Season Ten

Appearances Trigger Vision Individuals involved Outcome
Tribunal and Tribulations None Prue choking Coop. Prue and Coop Halliwell. Phoebe uses a spell at Magic School to project herself to Prue and Coop.