A chart noting the development of Phoebe Halliwell's powers throughout the seasons. This does not include powers gained through unusual circumstances such as transformations, spells, pregnancy etc.

Season OneEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Charmed101 287 1x01 Something Wicca This Way Comes Premonition Power is unbound.
AlecPremonition 1x02 I've Got You Under My Skin Premonition First time she received a premonition without touching anything.
PhoebeRetrognition. 1x09 The Witch is Back Retrocognition Has first vision of the past.
1x20-PhoebeCallPremonition 1x20 The Power of Two Premonition Receives first Premonition on command. Can feel the emotions of people in her visions.
1x22-PhoebeTime 1x22 Déjà Vu All Over Again Premonition Phoebe's power to see through time makes her aware of Tempus's time loop.

Season TwoEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
2x02-phoebe-greene 2x02 Morality Bites Empathy and Levitation In a trip to the future, Phoebe sees how her powers will advance in a Premonition.
Darlaseduci 2x05 She's a Man, Baby, a Man! Premonition First empathic connection through Premonition, developed with a Succubus, allowing her to feel the Succubus' emotions.

Season ThreeEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Phoebelevitation5 3x01 The Honeymoon's Over Levitation Power manifests.
3x03Levitate 3x03 Once Upon a Time Levitation Used on command for the first time.
3x06PsychicVibes 3x06 Primrose Empath Premonition First time she's capable of seeing multiple events in a Premonition.
3x07Levitate 3x07 Power Outage Levitation

Moves horizontally for the first time when levitating.

Phoebe kicks Eames 3x11 Blinded by the Whitelighter Levitation

Uses Levitation when kicking Eames, sending him flying into an arrow.

Phoebe 3x14 Wounds 3x14 The Good, the Bad and the Cursed Premonition

Is able to see Bo stuck in a time loop and develops a psychic connection with him, in which she feels his physical pain and receives the same wounds he does.

Season FourEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
4x02Levitate 4x02 Charmed Again, Part 2 Levitation Can move around a considerable amount while levitating.
Pheobelevitationlimbo 4x04 Enter the Demon Levitation While in Limbo, Phoebe's levitation power is temporarily advanced.

Season FiveEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Astralecho10 5x06 The Eyes Have It Astral Premonition Experiences her first Astral Premonition and is wounded in the present after being attacked in the vision. Her premonitions from then on have tints of colors.
Cho 5x14 Sand Francisco Dreamin' Astral Premonition Her first Astral Premonition while dreaming.

Season SixEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
6x01-4 6x01 Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1 Empathy Power manifests.
6x02-38 6x02 Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 2 Empathy Deduces she can use Empathy to manipulate powers and then channels Piper's emotions, allowing her to resist and replicate her Telekinesis.
6x346 6x03 Forget Me...Not Levitation Phoebe can make whatever she is in contact with levitate with her.
6x03P36 6x03 Forget Me...Not Empathy Phoebe's empathic range now includes the city of San Francisco. Capable of sensing the emotions of a dragon.
Mitzyvision 03 6x04 The Power of Three Blondes Premonition First time planting a Premonition.
6x05P27 6x05 Love's a Witch Empathy First time sensing a spirit's emotions.
6x06P52 6x06 My Three Witches Empathy First time actively sensing someone's emotions. Range expands to being able to sense emotions between realities.
Anigifnewdevempathy2 6x07 Soul Survivor Empathy Uses Empathic Channeling to deviate a magical attack; channelling the emotions of a demon.
6x13P23 6x13 Used Karma Premonition Experiences an Astral Premonition from someone else's (Mata Hari's) point of view. Is also her first Astral Premonition into the past.
6x13P46 6x13 Used Karma Empathy Uses Empathy to deflect the attacks of several demons at once.
6x19-PhoebePiperPaige 6x19 Crimes and Witch-Demeanors Premonition, Levitation and Empathy All active powers are stripped by the Tribunal

Season SevenEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
StyxPhoebe 7x05 Styx Feet Under Premonition Power is restored.
Odinvision 01 7x10 Witchness Protection Premonition Can share visions with other psychic beings.

Season EightEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Premonition season 8 8x01 Still Charmed and Kicking Premonition Positive Premonitions are surrounded in a yellow glow.
Premonition s8 8x03 Run, Piper, Run Premonition Negative Premonitions are surrounded in a blue glow.
Astralecho9.4 8x09 Hulkus Pocus Premonition Has an Astral Premonition that allows her to speak to her future self.
8x20P1 8x20 Gone with the Witches Premonition Phoebe can pick up on strong demonic vibes in the area.

Season NineEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Premonitioncomicphoebe2 9x02 No Rest for the Wicca Premonition First time actively seeing the present in a Premonition.
The Premonition 9x02

No Rest for the Wicca

Premonition Phoebe's ability to see multiple events in a Premonition advances.
Huge Premonition 9x02 No Rest for the Wicca Levitation Power restored.
Empathy 1 9x03 Innocents Lost Empathy Power restored.
Pathokinesis 1 9x06 Morality Bites Back Empathy Empathy advances allowing Phoebe to project, amplify and reflect the emotion she channels, but the power is not used.
Pathokinesis 3 9x12 The Charmed Offensive Empathy Power is used by present day Phoebe for the first time, allowing Phoebe to bring all of Neena's emotions to the surface, knocking her unconscious.
Orb Shield 19 9x16 The Heavens Can Wait Levitation Phoebe can take heavier/larger things with her when she's levitating.
Phoebeflight5 9x24 The Power of 300 Levitation/Flight The dome reveals the full potential of her power, allowing her to fly. She can also take her sisters with her through contact.

Season TenEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
10.13-peyton 10x13 Court of Love Empathy Senses her third unborn child in the womb.

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