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Throughout the course of the series, Phoebe has been:

Season 2 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation Method
2009 Phoebe 2x02 Morality Bites Her future 2009 self Cast the spell To Move Ahead in Time to travel to the future.
Warlocks with Phoebe sucked in painting 2x03 The Painted World Shrunken while trapped inside a painting Read the painting's Latin inscription out loud.
Phoebe PastLife 2x14 Pardon My Past Her past life By casting a spell to swap lives with P. Russell.
Phoebe in film 2x18 Chick Flick A character in the film "Kill It Before It Dies" A potion.

Season 3 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation Method
Phoebe as a warlock 3x13 Bride and Gloom A warlock A Dark Wedding between Zile and Prue turned the Charmed Ones evil.
Phoebe Banshee 3x21 Look Who's Barking Banshee A banshee's Sonic Scream that zeroed in on her pain over Cole.

Season 4 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation Method
Phoebe in Paige&#039;s body 4x04 Enter the Demon Paige Matthews Body Swapping Potion concocted by Paige.
Phoebe shrunk covered in clay 4x05 Size Matters Shrunken to five inches tall Struck by Gammill's Wand.
Phoebe 1950 4x12 Lost and Bound A 1950's housewife A curse on Grams' Ring.

Season 5 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation Method
Phoebe Mermaiddd 5x01-5x02 A Witch's Tail A mermaid A spell to Track the Sea Hag that was altered by her desire to flee her love for Cole.
Phoebe Cinderella 5x03 Happily Ever After Cinderella Glass Slippers.
5x03-39 5x03 Happily Ever After The Royal Carriage Pumpkin Adam Prinze threw her into the carriage by the stroke of midnight, when it reverted to a pumpkin.
Phoebe Hero 5x05 Witches in Tights A superhero A drawing created by Kevin.
Phoebe Mummy 5x10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien A mummy Jeric's mummification spell.
Phoebe Goddess 5x22-5x23 Oh My Goddess! A Greek Goddess of Love. Leo released the essence of the Gods on the Charmed Ones.

Season 6 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation Method
Phoebe Valkyrie 6x01-6x02 Valhalley of the Dolls A Valkyrie Valkyrie Pendant.
Phoebe Genie 6x15 I Dream of Phoebe A Genie By wishing the genie, Jinny, free.
Phoebe Teenager 6x17 Hyde School Reunion Her teenage self Accidentally cast a spell written in her adolescent years.

Season 7 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation Method
Phoebe as a beast 7x06 Once in a Blue Moon A wolf-like creature Effects of the Blue Moon.
Phoebe in Imara 7x19 Freaky Phoebe Imara Imara's Body Switching Spell.

Season 8 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation
Charmed805 656 8x01-8x05 Still Charmed and Kicking - Rewitched Under a magical disguise with the alias Julie Bennett Cast a spell to change her appearance.
Infected Phoebe 8x09 Hulkus Pocus A monster A deadly virus created by the government.
Phoebe shrunk again 8x13 Repo Manor Shrunken to five inches tall Shrunken by Savard.

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