Charmed Life

Phoebe, more than any of her three charmed sisters embraced her life as a witch and over the years, has grown the most out of all four. Both Phoebe and her younger sister Paige share a greater magical destiny than that of just being a Charmed One. Phoebe is both a Witch and an Empath and is empowered with the magic and responsibilities of both. Phoebe embraced her destiny with all of her energy and continue to fullfill her Charmed and Empath responsibility.

Season 1


Phoebe returns home.

Right after her Grams' funeral, Phoebe moved to New York in hopes to find her father. This made Prue angry because she had hated him since he left them. Not much is known about her time in New York, but she has mentioned to have been in a relationship with a man named Clay Muniz while working at the Rainbow Room. Though she loved him and knew he was a good man, he took too many short cuts that landed him in trouble, and she dumped him eventually.


Phoebe gets a message.

After living in New York for 6 months, Phoebe returns home, broke and with nothing more than an umbrella, a bag with her own clothes, and a bike. Prue is reluctant to her moving back, but doesn't kick her out. That night, Phoebe and Piper are playing with the spirit board when the pointer suddenly moves on its own, spelling Attic. To find out more about it, she goes up to the locked attic door; it opens on its own and shows her to the Book of Shadows which is hidden inside an old trunk. By reading the Dominus Trinus spell out loud, the Charmed Onesreceive their Wiccan powers.


Phoeb fine the Book of Shadows.

Phoebe: "According to the Book Of Shadows, one of our ancestors was a witch, named Melinda Warren."
Piper: "And we have a cousin who's a drunk, an aunt who's manic, and a father who's invisible."
Phoebe: "I'm serious. She practised powers. Three powers.She could move objects with her mind, see the future and stop time. Before Melinda was burned at the stake, she vowed that each generation of Warren witches would become stronger and stronger, culminating in the arrival of three sisters. Now, these sisters would be the most powerful witches the world has ever known. They're good witches and i think we're those sisters."
Phoebe explains to Piper that they're the Charmed Ones[src]
The next day, she tries to convince her sisters that they are witches prophesized by an ancestor named Melinda Warren to be the most powerful force of good the world has ever seen; and though they didn't believe her at first, they become convinced when Prue witnesses herself moving objects and Piper freezing time and getting attacked by her warlock boyfriend Jeremy Burns.

Phoebe has her first premonition

Phoebe receives a premonition of two teenagers getting hit by a car ten seconds before it happens, which allows her to prevent it. With all three together, they manage to tap into the Power of Three and vanquish Jeremy. Unlike her sisters, she embraces her destiny as a Charmed One with open arms, and studies the Book of Shadows very carefully, which comes handy when they are hunted by a warlock named Matthew Tate, and she suggested to revive their ancestor, Melinda Warren. At first, she saw magic as a tool and broke the first restriction in the Wiccan rules: magic should not be used for personal gain.

Phoebe calling for a Premonition

Her violation to this restriction often lands her in more trouble than she expects. She eventually learns to follow the rules, though she's made exceptions.

By becoming witches, Phoebe's relationship with Prue improves greatly throughout the season as they begin to talk more often and think of each other as close sisters instead of rivals; their relationship with Piper also progresses throughout the season. On one occasion, Piper goes to Hawaii for a conference and Phoebe and Prue are left to deal with an evil spirit.

Phoebe Patty1

Phoebe bumps into Patty in 1975

Because she grew up without any memories of her parents, Phoebe had always wished to meet them. Her wish comes true when Victor returns to town for a short visit after 20 years of absence; and when they travel back to 1975 when their mom was still alive and pregnant with her. She tried to prevent her mom's death by slipping a note into the Book of Shadows, but changed her mind later since she figured that she had to let go of the past.


Phoebe getting possessed.

Since she was the only sister who was born in the house, she became more connected to the house's spiritual nexus under it, which has the power to strengthen both good and evil. In 1980, Phoebe witnessed her grams fight a demon known as "the Woogyman" in the basement. Ever since then, she had been afraid of going to the basement. On the 1999 earthquake, the woogyman escaped its prison and tried to take over the house by possessing Phoebe.

Though she was under its control, Prue and Piper manage to persuade her to fight back the power. Phoebe used the spell that grams taught her to banish the demon again. Later, Phoebe added the spell into the Book of Shadows for security incase the demon resurfaces again.


Phoebe see's Leo using his powers.

Phoebe and Piper once fought for the affection of handyman Leo Wyatt, but she held no grudge when he chose Piper over her; she even encouraged her sister to ask him out on a date. She later finds out that he is a whitelighter, a race of guardian angels for good witches and future whitelighters. She tries to reveal this to her sisters despite him begging not to tell, but Prue and Piper dismiss it until he orbs into the Manor, poisoned and injured.

On one occasion, her ex-boyfriend, Clay, comes to town after he stole a cursed Egyptian Urn to persuade Prue to sell it. He tries to re-ignite the old flame, but though he succeeds, Prue discovers that the urn is really stolen and reports this to Phoebe. When she goes to confront him, she makes him realize the deep hole he'd left in Phoebe because of his past mistakes, and tries to turn himself in.

Phoebe gets hit with an energy ball.

When the guardian of the urn attempts to attack Phoebe, Clay shields her with his arm; this selfless act freed him from the urn's curse and he left town after a private conversation with Phoebe.

At the end of the season, Phoebe dies twice, but because of the survival of her sisters, the sorcerer Tempus rewinds time both times to ensure the demon Inspector Rodriguez learn from his mistakes in order to kill them all. Phoebe's power of premonition allows her to retain her memories of both times and is able to convince her sisters about the time loop. Though they succeed in ending the time loop, they lose a dear friend: Andy Trudeau.

Season 2


Phoebe comforts Prue.

In season 2, Phoebe assists her sister Prue in understanding that she is not to blame for Andy's death. Phoebe's personality becomes more maturing as well as her knowledge in witchcraft. She begins to create her own spells; her first being a spell to become smart. At first, when the Charmed Ones get a new neighbor, Dan Gordon, Phoebe expresses interest in him but Dan ultimately ends up being interested in Piper. Phoebe and her sisters discover that their Grams assists them by turning the pages of the Book of Shadows when they need to acquire information about demons or other magical beings.


Phoebe casts smart spell.

She tries her luck at finding a new job but is relatively turned off by the fact she is not educated enough to obtain the jobs she wants to have. She returns to college mid-season, trying hard to keep her studies stable and maintain a relatively normal life.


Phoebe sees herself being burned alive.

When Piper feels torn between Leo and Dan, she secretly casts a spell to guide her heart, and the result is Leo. Phoebe also has a vision of herself being burned at the stake and her and her sisters cast a spell to go to the future to find out what happened and prevent this from coming through.

She, along with Prue and Piper, are forced to face the lake that their mother died in and the demon that killed her. She blames her former whitelighter, Sam for not being able to prevent her death, but eventually learns to cope. Since Sam was frozen when Patty died, Phoebe is forced to relive her last moment and observe what she planned to do in order to vanquish the demon. With her vision and everyone's strategy, they succeed to avenge her.


Phoebe being burned alive.

Though she is close to the people around her, she also has an emotion blockage that seals her away from love, preventing her from finding it for herself. This comes from all the sadness of loss that she had dealt with over the years, that made her feel scared of opening up to love. When a Cupid arrives to ask for her help after a demon stole his magic ring, she uses her experience of this fear to guide the couples that have been broken by him.


Phoebe at college.

Near the end of the season, she faces the challenge of college finals. While studying at the public library, she meets a college student named Charlene Hughes, who has been studying the existence of demons. The next day, she learns of Charlene's death shortly before her spirit appears to her. She helps her move on by vanquishing the demon that killed her and make a pawnshop owner confess that he'd murdered another girl. Though this has taken away her time for the day, she still manages to pass the finals.

Charmed214 412

Phoebe's past life using fire power.

Piper and Phoebe face the trial of losing their sister for the greater good when Prue and one of the four Horsemen of the apocalypse become trapped in another dimension. Though they are determined to reverse the spell and free them both at first, she realizes that they will hand the world to destruction if they proceed and change their mind together. When the Source of All Evil begins to destroy the remaining horsemen, Phoebe and Piper free Prue and the fourth horseman, allowing them to save the world without losing their sister.

After defeating the Four Horsemen, the Infernal Council sends a Genie and a powerful Dragon Warlock after the Charmed Ones. Phoebe is interested by the fact a genie offers them wishes but she knows that they are tricksters by nature.

Phoebe In Flight

Phoebe in flight.

However, Phoebe accidently is imbued with the Dragon's power of Flight and has a hard time learning to harness the power, but when the Dragon attack she is successfully able to concentrate and fly him to a park where she drops the Dragon and returns to Halliwell Manor. The genie also tricked Prue into making a wish that she was younger again, causing her to revert to her teenage self. The Dragon seeks the Halliwell sisters to get his power of Flight back and uses Prue as a means to that end. The Dragon successfully kills Prue but after a battle, Phoebe is able to wish Prue alive again and the Dragon is successfully destroyed.

Season 3

Charmed301 435

Phoebe levitates for the first time.

At the beginning of the third season, Phoebe receives the active power of levitation, which allows her to float in midair. She meets Cole Turner, a half-demon known as "Belthazor" sent by the Triad to kill her and her sisters.


Phoebe sees Cole for the first time.

They eventually fall in love imtimately, prompting Cole to fail his mission to protect her. The eventual discovery of his true identity complicates her relationship with her sisters when she fakes his death to protect him. The guilt of lying to them motivates her to eventually tell the truth, first with Leo, and then Piper and Prue. Prue is the only one who's more mad at her betrayal than anyone else.


Phoebe learns that Cole is Belthazor.

A few months later, Cole returns to San Francisco while hiding from demonic agents, and starts to do good deeds to be with Phoebe. Though she is dismissive of him at first, she is persuaded when he takes Prue to another dimension to save her, and ultimately changes everyone's minds.

Phoebe is left the only sister standing when Prue accidentally ruins Piper and Leo's long-waited wedding by leaving the house in astral projtective form. Through her astral self, Phoebe is able to discover the source of the constant astral projecting and tell her to start living her own life instead of dedicating herself to the family and the Charmed Ones. She also learns from this experience that Prue's inner self actually rooted for her for faking Cole's death, because she did it all to protect her love.


Phoebe is shot.

Phoebe also shares a Psychic Echo with a Native American known as Bo Lightfeather who was trapped within a time loop by an evil man called Sutter. While touring an Old West property with her father, Victor, Phoebe experiences her first Echo and receives a bloody lip. Everything that happened to Bo in the Time Loop, Phoebe experienced, including being shot. Phoebe and her sisters managed to free those trapped within the Loop and she never experiences an Echo again.


Phoebe flying.

In 2000 on Halloween, Phoebe and her sisters were sent through a time vortex that lands them in Virginia during late 1670. Eva taught Phoebe to tap into what magic exists in that time. Phoebe then used the knowledge that she gained to fly. She put on a conical hat, mounted a broom sidesaddle and rode it into the air towards the witch hunters, cackling along the way. Phoebe proudly rode against the full moon while Prue and Piper looked on.

Near the end of the season, she manages to graduate with a degree in psychology. Cole makes up his mind to lose his powers forever in order to be with her, but it is forced to delay when the Brotherhood of the Thorn attempts to emerge with the human society and Cole infiltrates their base as an agent. Though they manage to stop the Brotherhood from fulfilling their plans, Cole gets captured and his intentions are revealed by the leader, Raynor, who was also Cole's mentor.


Phoebe and Prue have a heart to heart.

By making Phoebe witness Cole's assassination of a witch, Raynor destroys the subject that keeps him good, turning him back to evil once more. When a banshee begins to roam around town, preying on people in pain, Phoebe, Piper and Prue track her down before she could hurt another innocent. This encounter, however, allows the demon to feel the pain hidden within Phoebe and uses it turn her into a Banshee as well. Piper then summons Cole to make Phoebe confront her root pain, which works and allows her to become a witch again. Knowing that it was Raynor's work to separate them, she decides to take him back into her arms again.


Phoebe banishes Shax and saved Prue and Piper.

At the end of the season, Piper and Prue accidentally expose their powers on Live TV while fighting the demon Shax. Piper gets shot by an psychotic Wiccan practitioner while Phoebe goes to the Underworld to make Cole good again. When Leo tells her about the situation, she strikes a deal with the Source of All Evil; that she stays in the Underworld in exchange for the demonic sorcerer Tempus to rewind time to exactly the moment before Shax strikes.

Though time has reversed, Phoebe's absence allows Shax to successfully kill an innocent and send Prue and Piper flying through walls; this subsequently killed Prue, and the Power of Three broke. Phoebe managed to escape the Underworld with Leo and Cole's help.

Season 4


Phoebe mourns the loss of Prue.

After the death of her sister Prue, Phoebe tried to remain strong and collected for Piper's sake. Even though Phoebe was torn up inside, she wanted to be there for Piper.

At her sister's funeral, she met a woman named Paige Matthews and had a premonition of her getting killed by Shax, the same demon that killed Prue. With Piper too reluctant to help, she decides to team up with Cole to save Paige. They witness Paige inadverdantly orb out from Shax's attacking power and find out that she is a whitelighter (which is only part true).


Piper comforts Phoebe.

They later discuss this with Leo, who finds the situation weird. With Cole's investigation, they find out that she is a potential Charmed One who may be able to reconstitute the Power of Three. They interrogate their grams and mom and find out that Paige is their younger half-sister, who was abandoned at birth for protection. They prepare to find their sister, but she is already in the house. When all three of them join hands, the Power of Three is recreated just before Shax arrives.

ReconstitutedCharmedOnes 1

The reconstitution of the Charmed Ones with Paige.

Phoebe and Piper convince Paige help them vanquish Prue's murderer, Shax. Paige becomes scared of them and runs off. After their successful mission to stop the Source of All Evil from turning Paige evil, she finally learns to adjust to her life as a witch and her part in the family. Unlike Piper, Phoebe welcomes their new sister with open arms while easily dealing with Prue's death.

Aside from her job as the mediating sister, she also has to deal with Cole's constant dangerous situation since he is hunted by every demonic bounty hunter for betraying the Source. She makes a potion to strip his powers, which succeeds and he becomes fully human.


Phoebe and her sisters in vanquishing The Source.

It took Cole and as well Phoebe to get used to Cole being human with no powers, at all but they eventually get through it .A week later, The Source finally attacks the Charmed Ones by getting the Hollow to obtain their powers. Cole was summoned by the Seer, who opposed the Source tapping into the Hollow. The Seer suggested that Cole take in the Hollow so he can absorb the Source's powers. This distracted the Source long enough that the sisters can chant the spell to vanquish him. Unknown to Cole or the sisters, the Seer had her own agenda--she intended for Cole to become the new Source. As it turned out, when the Seer and Phoebe sent the Hollow back to its ancient burial ground, the Source's essence remained in Cole, entering the void where Belthazor had once been.

Phoebe is worried about Cole.

Phoebe senses something is wrong, especially after feeling a premonition about Cole blocked by an unseen force (later revealed to be the Source). Unsure of whether to go through with the wedding, she summoned her past and future selves to help her decide. Her past self was immediately smitten by Cole, believing that he was the guy she'd always dreamed would sweep her off her feet. Her older self was initially reluctant to help, but later revealed to Cole that in her time, she'd gotten cold feet and it ultimately made Cole give in to the evil growing in him. When Kurzon, a longtime rival of the Source, tried to kill Cole, old Phoebe jumped in front of him, proving that she still loved him. This convinced Phoebe to go through with the wedding.


Phoebe and Cole wed.

Much to the Source's chagrin, he discovered that the only thing keeping Cole's soul alive was his love for Phoebe. He decided to turn this situation to his advantage by using Phoebe's love for Cole to turn her evil and shatter the Power of Three. To that end, Cole sabotaged his own wedding, held in late March 2002, in order to trick Phoebe into a dark wedding officiated by a dark priest. This was done after the Seer told him she'd foreseen Cole and Phoebe giving birth to a son who would be the most powerful magical child in history. He would have been born as a powerful good witch if Cole and Phoebe had been married in a normal way--which would have ended any chance of Cole being crowned. As a result of the dark wedding, however, the child would be pure demon.

Phoebe becomes queen.

Two weeks after the wedding, Cole and Phoebe moved to a penthouse apartment overlooking the bay. Phoebe became pregnant. With the pregnancy, she began manifesting the ability to throw fire. She was initially horrified when she vanquished one of Cole's guards with this new power. After seeing this premonition, however, Phoebe fled back to the manor. A few hours later, she returned to the apartment with her sisters and Leo. When Julie, Cole's demonic personal assistant, chided Phoebe for making Cole weak, Phoebe threw fire at her and killed her--and unlike earlier, took great pleasure in the kill. By this time, Cole realized Phoebe knew he was a demon, and attempted to give up his powers to an evil Wizard. However, Phoebe, under the Seer's coaching, used her baby's powers to kill the Wizard. She then joined Cole as his queen.

Due to their son's influence, Phoebe was able to touch the Grimoire, the evil counterpart to the Book of Shadows. She also began flaming, the same teleportation Cole used as the Source. The evil growing in her also began creeping into her work; she tried to suggest that one of her readers beat her cheating husband over the head with a stapler. However, she tried to play both sides of good and evil. She got a premonition that Malick, one of Cole's top lieutenants, was going to kill Greg Conroy, a probation officer who'd managed to save several young offenders that were being scouted out as potential demons. She offered to help her sisters stop him. However, rather than vanquish Malick, she merely ordered him to leave--much to Piper, Paige and Leo's dismay.


Phoebe wants to be both the Queen and a Charmed One.

Phoebe's attempt to play both sides also undermined Cole's support in the underworld. Several of Cole's minions were already upset that she'd killed five of their compatriots with her new flamethrowing power. They weren't convinced by Cole's claim that her hormones were making her cranky. Ultimately, Phoebe finds out that the Seer was giving her a prenatal tonic designed to destroy her good side--under orders from Cole. She also learned that Cole had personally killed Conroy. Realizing that she could not choose between good and evil, Phoebe renounces her crown and joins her sisters in vanquishing Cole. She initially had hopes of turning her baby good, to no avail.

Phoebe back with her sisters.

Phoebe starts to hear Cole's voice in the wind. Later on, Cole tries to get in touch with her from the Demonic Wasteland. Phoebe finally goes to see him, and Cole begs her to use a resurrection spell in the Grimoire to bring him back. Phoebe is horrified; she is unwilling to ever use dark magic again and asks Cole to move on. However, Cole later returns from the Demonic Wasteland to save Phoebe from getting killed by Agent Jackman, a witch hunter posing as an FBI agent. He tells Phoebe that he's not giving up on them.

At the same time, the experience of nearly being turned evil sapped Phoebe's enthusiasm for being a witch. When the Angel of Destiny offered the sisters a chance to give up their powers and lead normal lives, Phoebe initially jumped at it. However, the experience of stopping Jackman made her realize that she still had a lot of good to do as a Charmed One.

Season 5


Phoebe's billboard.

By the beginning of season 5, Phoebe's popularity has grown tremedously. She has become a famous advice columnist at the Bay Mirror, and her picture lands on a billboard visible from much of the city. Her heart has hardened considerably toward Cole, and she is determined to be rid of him. However, just as she is about to get a default divorce, Cole returns, armed with a massive arsenal of demonic powers. He tells Phoebe that he wants to use them to atone for his many crimes. Phoebe is unwilling to give him another chance, and angrily tells him it's over. He persists, and Phoebe slashes him with a letter opener. To her horror, his blood starts bubbling on a piece of paper; his blood has turned acidic.

Phoebe Mermaiddd

Phoebe as a Mermaid.

The emotional load of the impending divorce begins affecting Phoebe's powers. When the season first begins, she inadvertently becomes a mermaid when they cast a spell to locate one and decides to stay in the ocean to run away from her feelings for Cole. Paige figures out her problem and goes to recruit Cole's aid. Though he manages to make Phoebe confess her true feelings, she still declares that they can't be together anymore.

Cole makes numerous attempts to prove that he's good in an attempt to win Phoebe back. He saves her from being turned into a pumpkin by an evil witch, and saves a future Whitelighter from being killed by a Siren. However, Phoebe is unwilling to trust him. While she believes Cole is sincere about wanting to be good, she believes that the evil growing in him from his new powers is too strong, and since he is fully mortal (as he has been since the Source's vanquish), it's only a matter of time before he gives in to that evil. Just as she wonders if she is being too hard on him, her suspicions are confirmed when Cole nearly chokes her to death under the influence of the Siren's magic. She is further convinced when Cole kills a slumlord who is threatening to expose the sisters as witches.


Cole's love save Phoebe.

Phoebe tries to throw herself into her work at the Bay Mirror to avoid Cole. However, her suppressed pain continues to affect her powers; she goes several months without having a premonition and can barely levitate. She tries to solve this problem by going to a Gypsy fortuneteller, but also accidentally give her a premonition of a gypsy hunter. By balancing her time at work and family, her powers become active once again, and even advance to the point that she can see the future in colors and experience the event like she'd astral projected into her future self.


Phoebe ends her marriage.

After many months of loneliness, Cole goes insane due to the weight of the powers he has absorbed and Phoebe's continued rejection of him. He is determined not to be evil, but is now convinced the Charmed Ones will never accept him as good no matter what he does. In the midst of his despair, he tries to provoke the Charmed Ones into killing him by sending a Tracker to kill Leo, Paige and Piper's half-Whitelighter baby (though the baby is saved due to its ability to protect Piper even in the womb). In return, Cole promised to let the Tracker finish off Paige's father, Sam Wilder. However, just as the Tracker is about to kill Sam, Cole kills the Tracker instead--he wanted Sam alive so he could heal Paige, believing that his massive powers meant only the Power of Three could put him out of his misery. As Cole expects, the Charmed Ones storm the penthouse, intent on vanquishing him once and for all with three of their most powerful potions. However, Phoebe sees through the game after Piper and Paige throw their potions, and isn't willing to help Cole commit suicide by witch. Cole flings Phoebe's potion at himself, only to discover he is now invincible; not even the Power of Three can kill him.

Shortly after the start of 2003, Phoebe is kidnapped by Jeric, an ancient Egyptian demon who wants to use her body as a host for the spirit of his lover, an evil witch named Isis. Unable to find her, Piper and Paige turn to Cole for help, even when they witness him making several attempts to kill himself. However, Cole instead works hand in glove with Jeric so they can both get their lovers back. Phoebe's body is breaking down from the weight of having two souls in it, and Cole offers to transfer Isis' soul into Paige's body. When Piper and Paige find Phoebe in Egypt, Cole forcibly teleports Piper back to the manor and helps Jeric transfer Isis' soul into Paige's body. Cole tells Piper that she can only save one of her sisters. Isis is the only person who knows how to demummify a body. However, Paige's body is breaking down, and Isis won't revive Phoebe unless Paige's soul is expelled. Piper turns the tables on Cole and Jeric when she casts a spell that sends Isis into the afterlife rather than Paige. Having learned the necessary spell from Isis, Paige revives Phoebe. Piper vanquishes Jeric and Cole understands he lost this time. When Phoebe asks him how he could even consider working with a demon, he answers he's insane and leaves. A disillusioned Phoebe realizes that Cole has turned completely evil again, just as she feared.

Undaunted, Cole tries to stir up legal troubles for the sisters, even going as far as to try to get Phoebe fired on trumped-up charges of inflicting emotional pain on one of her readers. His real plan, however, is to make them willingly hand over the Manor so he can take in the Nexus. He then plans to use it to turn Phoebe evil again. All this accomplishes is to make Phoebe hate him with a passion. When Cole manages to briefly get control of the manor, Phoebe bluffs her way into the basement and banishes the Woogyman just as Cole is taking him in. She then tells Cole to his face that he's nothing to her--and she won't feel a thing when they finally figure out how to vanquish him.

Charmed512 760

Phoebe about to vanquish Cole.

Cole, blaming Paige's appearance as the start of the problem, becomes an Avatar to change history, thus creating a new timeline where demons prevail the world, and Paige never reconstituted the Charmed Ones as she was killed by Shax. In this timeline, Phoebe and Cole are married, but she is as hateful to Cole as she is in the original one, saying that she is only staying with him to protect Piper. Paige manages to orb into the same timeline by accident and is able to make things right by recreating the Power of Three again. Phoebe this time personally vanquishes her former lover.


Phoebe delivers baby Wyatt.

A while after Cole's death, Phoebe helps Piper deliver the newborn Wyatt Halliwell, saving their next generation of Halliwell magic from the clutches of evil. She initially dislikes her new boss, Jason Dean, but develops a relationship with him. Jason decides to move to Hong Kong for business and asks Phoebe to go with him, and though she agrees at first, she finds her place with her family.

At the end of season 5, Paige starts having dreams about a serious matter that could affect the entire world. Her and Phoebe go to an ice cave to investigate and Phoebe catches a premonition of two Ancient Greek Titans being freed. They later find out that the Titans are after whitelighters, and one of them almost gets to Paige until Chris suddenly orbs in and prevents her from being taken, but not before she's turned to stone.


Phoebe and Piper discussing the abnormal heatwave.

After Paige was freed and the Titans killed most of the Elders, Leo turns the sisters into Greek Goddesses to help them fight the enemies. Phoebe becomes the Goddess of Love, who can inflict the pheromones on men and bend them to her will. She uses the power of Luring to make men at an auction for the Bay Mirror bid incessantly on her and later attempts to seduce the Titan Demetrius in an attempt to vanquish the Titans.Though they succeed in vanquishing the Titans, they have to deal with one major loss: Leo, who has become an Elder as a reward for his good deeds during the crisis.

Season 6


Phoebe's discovers her new power.

A few months after Phoebe and her sisters destroyed the Titans, Phoebe became an Empath and gained the new power of Empathy. Using her gift realizes that Piper is sad in spite of her apparently happy mood. Phoebe and Paige want Chris to go up and find Leo, but then Chris admits that Leo is missing, Phoebe was furious that he kept it a secret.


Phoebe using her powers while meditating.

Phoebe then breaks the news to Piper, who seems undisturbed that Leo was missing, which led Phoebe to realize that Leo must have done something to Piper before left and only he can reverse whatever he did. She even sensed Chris' nervousness and sensed that he was hiding something, but she didn't press it because she was more concerned about helping Piper and rescuing Leo from Valhalla.


Phoebe discovers that Wyatt has a younger brother, Chris.

Meanwhile, her new empathy power is driving her crazy and starting a brawl at the newspaper. Jason is in town again and Phoebe's empathy is still too strong for her to be close to him, but she's beginning to find some control. She moved to Hong Kong to be with Jason, however she's scared to admit to Jason that she is a witch, but he quickly found out when the sisters orb in front of him. Jason can't handle the fact that Phoebe was a witch and they broke up.

Phoebe is beheaded.

Phoebe visited Magic School at he bequest of an Elder named Gideon, there she saw and followed a wolf which lead her to Enola the shaman, a student at the school, who sent Phoebe on a vision quest to help her see her own future more clearly. On her quest, Phoebe finally managed to reach the portal that took her to the future. There she saw Piper, an older Wyatt, and a younger boy that turns out to be Piper's second son. Paige had become a teacher at the school, Phoebe is pregnant with a little girl, and they are living a life without demons.


Phoebe learns the truth from Chris

Wyatt's brother approaches her, saying, "Aunt Phoebe, we need your help," and she is returned to the present to hear Chris asking, "Phoebe, can you hear me? We need your help." Phoebe thus becomes the first one to find out that Chris Perry is actually Chris Halliwell, her nephew and Piper and Leo's second son. Chris tries to enlist Phoebe's help to get his parents back together, but Phoebe feels that meddling with Piper and Leo's relationship would be wrong.


Phoebe refuse to help Chris.

As Chris tries to persuade his aunt to join his cause, Phoebe gets a premonition and they go to a Middle Eastern desert where they rescue a female genie named Jinny from her demonic master. Jinny says that she wrote to Phoebe because her former master, Bosk, is trying to raise an ancient demonic city – the lost city of Zanbar – and she thought that if Phoebe became her master, Phoebe would wish her free so that Bosk could not use her to resurrect the city.


Paige and Phoebe dying.

Bosk soon attacked the manor, and because of a protective amulet that blocked her vanquishing potion, Phoebe wished Jinny free. Apparently, Jinny was actually a Demon, and she could only be freed only at the expense of the one who freed her, so now Phoebe would have to pay the price: she had become a Genie herself, with Chris as her new master. Chris accidentally wished for Leo to get over his issues with Chris, and Phoebe made Leo become very friendly toward Chris. Chris decided to take advantage of the situation and wished for Piper and Leo to sleep together and it worked, just not as he planned: Piper and Leo fall asleep on the floor. Richard Montana takes the genie bottle, with Phoebe in it, and attempts to use it to have Paige love him forever. To make up for his mistake, Richard wishes Phoebe free, and Phoebe and Paige manage to get Jinny back in the bottle.

Phoebe told Piper and Leo that Chris was in fact their son. She was the most emotional affected when it came time for him to return to the future. However when her and her sisters tried to send him back to his time, they were tricked by Gideon into sending him and Leo through a portal into an Evil Parallel World and in the process bring their evil counterparts into the Original World. With Piper heavily pregnant it was left up to her and Paige to rescue them. Phoebe and Paige find evil Leo and Chris roughing up Darryl; they hope to use him to bring the Charmed Ones to them.

Charmed622 401

Phoebe and Paige looking for Chris and Leo.

While Phoebe distracts evil Leo and Chris, Paige traps them in the Crystal Cage. Darryl, still on the outs with the sisters, flees. They then brought evil Leo and Chris back to Magic School. Gideon then suggests that the sisters go to the mirror world and find their Leo and Chris. Paige and Phoebe go, but their evil counterparts don't come back through. Evil Gideon warns the good sisters that the cosmic balance is at risk, and they must move quickly.


Phoebe in Parallel World.

Paige and Phoebe orb in -- and are met by their evil twins. Evil Paige conjures her crossbow and shoots at good Paige, who orbs the bolts away. The two Phoebes trade blows and neither gets the upper hand (even though evil Phoebe has brass knuckles); they're not only evenly matched, but are thinking exactly the same. They eventually figured out that Gideon is Evil and that he's the one that after Wyatt. With four sisters available, the two sets of sisters open a portal and good Leo and Chris come back to the good world, just in time to save Wyatt. But not before the Cosmic Balance was thrown off, making the Evil World too Evil and the Good World too Good.


Phoebe is shot

Phoebe was then shot for parking in Mrs. Noble's driveway, but Leo heals her in time. At Magic School, Phoebe and Paige try to contact their evil counterparts. The Phoebes and Paiges think that if they can snap their Pipers back to themselves and get the evil sisters in the good world, they might be able to shift the balance back.


Phoebe holds Wyatt as Chris is born.

However with Chris and Piper both in danger, Phoebe suggested that Paige and Leo help Chris, while she stays and help Piper.

Shortly after the world began to change back to normal, due to Gideon been electrocuted and killed by Leo. Back at the hospital, Phoebe, Paige, Leo and Wyatt see a healthy baby Chris, and are relieved to find out that Piper made it.

Season 7

Phoebe Leslie1

Phoebe and Leslie St. Claire.

Phoebe decides to take a Sabbatical from her job at The Bay Mirror causing Elise to hire Leslie St. Claire, a ghost writer to continue writing Phoebe's column. At first Phoebe finds Leslie annoying and unsuitable for the job because he is a man. They have strong desires for one another but the fling ended when Leslie had to move back to Los Angeles.


Phoebe likes Kyra and promise to help her.

Phoebe and her sisters come across a new magical threat, a powerful demon known as Zankou who was imprisoned centuries ago by The Source of All Evil but was then released in 2005 by a group of demons in an attempt to prevent the Gathering Storm - the creation of Utopia by the Avatars.


Kyra shares her vision with Phoebe.

After hearing about the Gathering Storm, a demonic Seer known as Kyra seeks protection from the demon world in exchange for information she has regarding the looming Avatar threat. Kyra offers the information to the Charmed Ones if they persuade the Elders to make her human. Phoebe and her sisters agree to this and Kyra soon shows Phoebe a vision of the future she had of Phoebe living in a demon free world talking to her future daughter. But just as the sisters were about to make Kyra human, Zankou shapeshifted into Phoebe and destroyed Kyra.


Phoebe realizes Utopia was a mistake

After the incident involving Kyra, the sisters decide to side with the Avatars and assist with the creation of Utopia. However, this Utopia is soon obliterated when Phoebe learns that the Avatars are eliminating humans who cause problems in the new world and how the Avatars are preventing everyone from feeling pain. Phoebe has a premonition recalling all the painful occurrences in her life and convinces her sisters that the world they created is not a Utopia at all. Phoebe and her sisters convince the Avatars to restore the world to how it was before.


Phoebe and Drake share their only kiss.

Phoebe then falls for Drake dè Mon, an ex-Mercury Demon who wants to become a teacher at Magic School. They had chemistry indeed but the only problem was he only had a couple of weeks to live. It was revealed that Drake was sent by Cole to help Phoebe not to give up on love. Drake did more than that though, he revealed to Cole seconds before he died that he fell in love with Phoebe.

Phoebe Imara

Phoebe's soul leaving her.

Phoebe is then the object of a vile Demonic Sorceress known as Imara who swaps bodies with Phoebe, to have power, beauty and respect in the Underworld and to prevent Zankou from rising to power. She used Phoebe's body to vanquish two powerful upper-level demons.

Phoebe Imara FireBall1

Imara in Phoebe's body.

She is found out and removed from Phoebe's body forthwith. After which Zankou sends a demon to attack Phoebe and a classmate, Tim Cross, who ends up getting killed. Phoebe is then left guilt ridden because Zankou makes it appear Tim was killed just for knowing Phoebe.


Phoebe and her sisters discuss how to vanquish Zankou

Zankou then acquires the Book of Shadows by weakening the bond Phoebe and her sisters have with the Book and making them lose confidence in themselves and he goes after the Nexus. Phoebe, Piper and Paige discover what Zankou is up to, restore their bond with the Book and locate a spell in it to Banish the Nexus. When Zankou takes in the Nexus, the girls astral selves recite the spell destroying Zankou and making it appear as if they died in the blast. Afterwards, the sister's magically changed their appearance so that they could start a new life, free of demons.

Season 8

Normal new jason 01

Phoebe met's and fall for Dex.

When Phoebe and her sisters' astral selves destroyed the powerful demon Zankou and the Nexus in the basement of Halliwell Manor, everyone, both mortal and supernatural, believed they were dead because of the blast created by the vanquish. This was their chance to finally lead a normal life. Phoebe's new alias was Julie Bennett and everyone else but her loved ones could only see her "new look". They soon realized, however, that hiding from their identities was a mistake, so after consulting the Department of Homeland Security, Phoebe and her sisters returned to their normal lives.


Phoebe see's her future.

Phoebe got her old job back and was dating a guy named Dex Lawson, who she had a premonition of marrying. She did marry Dex while under a spell from her ward Billie Jenkins. The marriage was annulled since both participants were not in their right state of mind. Phoebe was no longer romancing Dex. Phoebe lost her faith in her gift, until she had another premonition of the future. She was talking to her older self 6 years from now, and she was still supposed to have a daughter.


Phoebe and Coop bump into one another

Phoebe soon moved out of the manor and got her own apartment in the city. Soon after she met Coop, who turned out to be a Cupid that was sent by the Elders to help her find her true love. Phoebe at first disliked Coop and was annoyed and irrated that the Elders would think she needed help find love, but Coop knew that she was just scared because of all her pervious heartbreaks and disappointments and reaasure her that her Future daughter was Destined.

Coop Tornidentity1

Coop and Phoebe begin to fall in love with each other.

Phoebe's continued reluctances and Coop's persistence lead to them challenging, amusing and exciting each other, Phoebe also became comfortable asking Coop advise. Overtime, little by little, they began to develop feelings for each other, but hid them to save themselves from the trauma Piper and Leo went through.


Phoebe and Coop in her apartment.

Coop even continued setting Phoebe up on dates to make her happy until she told him it was him that she wanted. However, she found out from future Wyatt that the Elders actually sent Coop to her, in the hopes that she would fall in love with him and that "It wasn't, and it will never be, a forbidden love."


Phoebe asking Coop's advised.

When Phoebe found out that Billie was the Ultimate Power., she was reluctant to vanquish her and she and Piper were at a disagreement until a spell was cast on her because of Billie. She and her sisters had to hide out in the Underworld, as the Magic community had turned their backs on them. Feeling left no choice but to fight, she and her sisters acquired the Hollow to become strong enough to destroy Billie and Christy, and the evil Triad.

Phoebe and Paige killed during the final battle

The powers from the Hollow, however, led to the destruction of the Halliwell Manor and both her and Paige were killed in the ensuing explosion. Coop is devastated when he learned of Phoebe's death and gave a bereaved Piper his ring, so that she could travel back in time to save both Phoebe and Paige.


Phoebe alive again.

Piper using Coop's ring, travelled through time and with the her mother and Grams, prevented the deaths of Phoebe, Paige and Christy. When the sisters found out that Christy and a demon named Dumain were going back in time to change the past to their advantage. Phoebe and her sisters, with a now redeemed Billie travel back in time again to prevented it from happening and vanquish the Triad once and for all. Realizing Christy had manipulated her, Billie deflects her fireball aimed at the sisters, killing Christy. Leo is returned, and the family present - Phoebe, her sisters, Grams, Patty, Wyatt, Chris, Leo and Coop rejoice in their final victory.


Phoebe and Coop marry

Afterwards, when everything turned back to normal. Later, Phoebe and Coop publicly embrace their love for each other. Phoebe including her sisters wrote about their experiences over the last eight years in the Book of Shadows so they can pass down their knowledge of magic to their children. After a few months of dating, Phoebe married Coop at Magic School and together they have three witch-cupid daughter's. Her eldest daughter is named after Prue Halliwell, her deceased older sister. She and her family live in her condo in the city.

Season 9


Phoebe with Coop with their daughter

Phoebe still works for the Bay Mirror, but doesn't live in her condo anymore. Phoebe is now the mother of her first child, Prudence Johnna Halliwell . In Charmed Lives, Phoebe is looking for her keys. She's already late for work and fears that Elise might fire her if she's even later.

Coop finds her keys and hands them over. As Phoebe leaves for work, Coop stands at the front door, watching her walk to work as suddenly she is beamed back to him. Phoebe kisses Coop on the cheek, telling him that he didn't have to beam her back just because she forgot her kiss.

Coop tells her he didn't do a thing, but that it was all the work of their baby girl, Prue. Phoebe is troubled. She does not want to leave her baby girl and she is a bit jealous that even her child has a better power, even if she is half Cupid.

Charmed Comic 1 Coop

Prue Beaming Phoebe

Coop suggest to call in sick but Phoebe refuses. She has got to go to work. But just as she closes the front door and leaves again, she is beamed right back to Coop and her daughter Prue. Phoebe sighs, telling herself and Coop that this might become a problem. Later that day. Phoebe walks into the living room of the Manor. She sees Piper enjoying some pizza and wonders what happened to the Food Tasting. She tells that Melinda is coming into her powers. Phoebe says she knows the feeling as her baby Prue kept teleporting her repeatedly.

Comic Issue 2 Prev 4

Phoebe has a premonition

Sometime later, Phoebe and Piper are attending their friend Brittany's funeral, Phoebe wondering how Brittany died, touches the coffin and has a premonition. She sees Brittany in her coffin looking much too old. She explains to Piper that she's as old as when Javna stole her youth, Piper thinks there most be a mistake because they vanquished Javna almost a decade ago, Piper then freezes the crowd around Brittany's coffin and opens it and she sees that Phoebe was right. Phoebe & Piper then return to the Halliwell Manor to search the Book of Shadows for answers, without much success. Just then Paige orbs in and Phoebe begin to fill Paige in on what happened when she receives a powerful a premonition, which levitates her into the air. As she levitates, she sees hundreds of innocents, once saved by her and her sisters, all being killed. She explains to her sisters that they're all in danger.

1473179-imagen 3 super-1-

Phoebe using Empathy.

Meanwhile Piper & Paige are trying to locate all the people that the sisters once saved, Phoebe reluntantly returns to work. she's is to officiating a mass wedding, as part of a publicity stunt put together for the paper by Elise because the Newspaper is failing. Phoebe's reluctant, until her empathy power kicks in and she feels the incredible love of one of the couples that turned out to be Romeo and Juliet. Later when Phoebe got home, she shares the happy news that her powers are back. Meanwhile Piper & Paige have gathered all their innocents in the Manor for protection, including Tyler Michaels and Max Franklin. In the manor, Phoebe and Paige are taking care of their mortal innocents, while the magical ones are sent to Magic School.

Meanwhile, the Source is using Hogan's Discord power to turn all mortals against the Charmed Ones forcing Phoebe, Coop, Paige and Henry to retreat to magic school. Shortly-after, Piper arrives home an she sees the chaos inside the manor, she immediately calls for Phoebe and Paige both of whom orb in behind her just as The Source shows up.


The Source attacks Phoebe and her sister's.

The Source reintroduce himself to the sisters and then proceed to attack the sisters on the street outside the manor with fireballs, which Paige eventually blocks with her Orb Shield Phoebe dodge by levitating. The sister's then realized that they needed the Book of Shadows to defeat him, just as The Source tosses an enormous fireball at the girls, Piper uses Molecular Acceleration which melts the street, holding The Source in place long enough for Paige to orb them back to Magic School, narrowly missing the huge fireball. Back at Magic School the sister's explained all that had happened, Leo then explains that there must always be a "source of evil" as long as evil exists in the world. Piper dismisses this and vow that they will defeat The Source once and for all.

Phoebe BOS1 Comics (2)

Phoebe creating the New Power of Three Spell.

The sisters realize that Piper's new Molecular Acceleration power and even the Power of Three, aren't strong enough to destroy the Source. Piper thinks that rather than just calling on the power of The Warren Line, they'll use the power of "all white magic practitioners in the realm." Meanwhile the Source is attacking, trying to break through the magical barrier. Piper sends Paige off to collect a bit of magic from every magical being that they have ever helped, with a Phosphorus Cauldron bowl that the demons left at magic school, which can contain all forms of magic. Piper tells Phoebe to go through the Book of Shadows and create a more powerful spell than the Power of Three, while Piper and Coop travel back to the attic and retrieves Excalibur and Paige continues to collect magic from everyone within the Magical Realms. Phoebe finishes her version of the perfect spell and Piper agrees it's perfect. Later In Magic School, the Charmed Ones and their husbands are parting ways, but Coop wants to stay and help Phoebe. However, Phoebe told him that she needs to know that he's with the kids, because Leo and Henry don't possess any magic to protect them if her and her sisters fail to destroy The Source, Coop then reassures her that she will beat him.


Phoebe battles the Source

Sending everyone away just in time, as The Source breaks in. A battle ensues, with Phoebe using a potion, Piper stabbing the Source with Excalibur and Paige tossing a bottle with the collected magic. With the spell -- "The Power of Three we now decree! The Power of Three will set you free! The Power of Three will DESTROY thee!" --The Source explodes. But at the same time, in the underworld, Neena is casting a spell that unites the demons, vampires, darklighters, etc., to serve her needs. However, with the Source finally vanquished, Phoebe and her sisters return to San Francisco, where Piper is showing off the new space for her restaurant.

Season 10

Phoebe continued her career in giving advice through her advice column in The Bay Mirror to all who needed it, but was more interested in helping her readers find love. Phoebe also publishes a New York best-selling book called "Finding Love".

Phoebe has three daughters P.J. , Parker, and Peyton Halliwell, with her husband Coop.

Notable Occurrences

  • Phoebe briefly swapped powers with her sister Prue, and gained the ability to move objects with her mind. She also swapped bodies with Paige and almost swapped powers with Piper.
  • Before Phoebe gained her first defensive power (Levitation), she often thought that when her power's did advance she would develop something like flying, which she did, on three instances. Firstly with the theft of the dragon demon's power of Flight which she gained at the genie's hand, then when she went to the past she learned to fly on a broomstic and once more when she gained the ability to levitate.
  • She once killed demons using a Power-Sucking Athame, and temporarily gained the ability to shimmer and throw Energy Balls.
  • Phoebe had befriended Kyra the Seer, as Kyra showed her her future daughter, thanks to the Avatars. Only a short time before she was going to help Kyra lead a normal, mortal life, Kyra was unfortunately vanquished by the demon Zankou.
  • Cole put Grams' ring on Phoebe once, without knowing that it had a curse on it. Phoebe temporarily became the 1950s housewife that she feared she might turn into by marrying anyone.
  • Phoebe always receives a taste of her future power one episode before developing it. She obtained the power of Flight from a dragon demon in "Be Careful What You Witch For" and in the next episode "The Honeymoon's Over" she received the power of Levitation. In Oh My Goddess! as Aphrodite she received the power of Empathy and in the next episode Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1 she develops this power.
  • There are several instances on the show that have led to speculation that Phoebe's soul may have some dark leanings: being born in the Manor on the spiritual Nexus, which can be swayed towards good or evil (just like her nephew, Wyatt, who went evil in an alternate timeline); her being the first to be possessed by the Woogyman in Is There a Woogy in the House?; her past life as P. Russell where she was swayed to evil by her warlock lover Anton; her becoming Queen of the Underworld in season four; and her alternate future as shown in Morality Bites, where she was executed for using her powers to punish the guilty.
  • Everytime Phoebe has been shown to be truly evil she has had the ability to throw streams of fire. The first time she was shown to do this was in her past life. Back then Pyrokinesis was her gift. The second time was when she was pregnant with The Source's Heir.