Phoebe Halliwell's Reunion Spells
Spell Information

A series of short spells with various effects


Phoebe Halliwell (five spells)
Paige Matthews (two spells[1])



Chris: "What happened?"
Paige: "Well, you've heard of recapturing your youth, I think Phoebe's youth is trying to recapture her."
— Paige, explaining what happened.[src]

The Reunion Spells are a series of six spells created and cast Phoebe Halliwell[2] during her high school reunion in 2004.

The event that led to the spells being created was a poem that Phoebe read aloud from an old yearbook, causing her to revert to her teenaged self. The spells exposed magic to numerous mortals, though Paige was eventually able to undo the damage done.

The Spells

To Turn Into a Teenager

Those who mock who I am,
Let them always remember when.

The first spell that Phoebe unknowingly cast was a spell to change her back into a teenager. The first time she said it, it only worked for a couple of seconds. When Phoebe and Paige arrived at her reunion party, Phoebe could instantly sense hate around her.

After meeting up with old friends, Paula Marks who constantly picked on a Phoebe in high school, called her "Freebie". Phoebe then ran out of the room and changes back to her teenager self.

To Turn a Woman into a Dog

I'd rather be rich,
Than a Bitch.

After Paula caught Phoebe making moves and kissing her husband, Todd, an enraged Paula pushed Phoebe back onto the ground.

Phoebe attempted to fight back but Paula threatened to sue her for abuse and said Phoebe must have deep pockets. Phoebe then got back up and said she'd rather be rich than a bitch, which accidentally caused Paula to transform into a dog.

To Revive the Past

The past is the future, and the future is the past,
Let's welcome back the senior class!

After the first spell took full effect, Phoebe came back to her reunion, where most of her high school cast mates stared at her in amazement. She then saw Todd across the dance floor and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

After that, Phoebe cast a spell and raises her hands up the air, causing everyone at the whole reunion to become their teenaged selves as well. Her friends all started to dance wildly almost breaking everything in sight. Piper later mentioned that Paige reversed the spell with her own to undo the damage.

To Create Fire

Make them see, what cannot be,
Flames that leap to make them flee.

After Phoebe used her powers to break out Rick Gittridge from jail, he turned on them and forced her and all her friends to do what he said. As time went on, Phoebe started to realize what she has done and turned back into her adult self.

Unfortunately, at the same time Chris, Paige and Piper summoned Phoebe back to them. She demanded to go back, but when she got there, her friends were gone and Rick blackmailed Phoebe into helping him break into an armored truck. When they find a truck, Phoebe cast a spell to create an illusion of fire, though it created actual fire and nearly killed one of the drivers.

To Make One Hear Their Greatest Fears

Make him hear what isn't there,
His deepest worries come to bear.

After a crazed Rick started collecting money from the truck, a distraught Phoebe made a sudden decision to create a spell that would make Rick hear his greatest fear, which at that time, was getting sent back to jail for good.

Rick then threatened to kill Phoebe, however he decided to use her as leverage and went to the manor, where he threatened to kill both Phoebe and Paige.

To Change Someone's' Appearance

Who you were, you're now another.
Take the face of Wyatt's brother.

At the manor, Rick demanded a new face to escape the police. Paige then cast a spell to give Rick the appearance of Chris, knowing that he was being pursued by Scabbar Demons. When the glamour was complete, the demons arrived and attacked Rick, killing him with their acid.

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  1. The first was only mentioned
  2. Except for the last spell, which was created and cast by Paige Matthews