Coop and Phoebe's Condo
Location information

San Francisco, California


Phoebe wanted to move out and get her own apartment in the eighth season, after she realized that she needed to find a place of her own outside of her family. She moved out of the Manor and into the apartment in the end of the episode Repo Manor. It is a large beautiful apartment in an old building with a lovely view.


In the episode 12 Angry Zen, Phoebe holds a housewarming party, that soon gets wild when Phoebe accidentally infects everyone with Buddha's Mystical Staff.

Phoebe's condo is also where Piper and Leo go after the battle between The Charmed Ones and Billie and Christy Jenkins. It is also where the girls are when they are infected with The Hallow.

In the series finale, Phoebe and Coop are shown to be living in the Condo with P.J and Parker.


Notable Visitors


  • The exterior of Phoebe's condo was used for the exterior of Ronny's apartment, the man who got Phoebe's powers in Ordinary Witches.
  • In the charmed comics Phoebe and Coop don't live here but in a smaller house.