Patty's Love Letters

Piper finds her mother's love letters.

Piper: "It’s like I could’ve written these."
Leo: "I wish you had."
— Piper and Leo about Patty's love letters.[src]

Patty Halliwell had written several love letters to her lover Sam Wilder after the birth of their daughter Paige. In these letters Patty conveys her feelings about the Elders sending Sam away. This creates a parallel to her daughter Piper's feelings while she was going through a similar experience with her Whitelighter Leo. The exact time these letters were written is unknown, but the final letter appears to have been written just a short time before her death.

After they vanquished the Water Demon that killed her, Phoebe put the letters in a scrapbook.

Dear Sam,
I understand why you had to
leave tonight. I understand but I
can't help wishing you hadn't. What I
wouldn't do for what other people
consider ordinary. A conversation that
gets finished, a night spent
uninterrupted. A night with you.

Dear Sam -
Where are you? It's been two
weeks since you were last here. And
I wonder... Are you alright? Do
'they' have you off guiding someone?
And I wonder when 'they' will send
you back to San Francisco. To me.

Dear Sam,
yes you were clear. My eyes were open
to the difficulties, the risks, but my answer
is the same as it was when you were still
here with me. No one understands me the
way you do, no one can.

Dear Sam,
You can't be with me up at the
lake. This demon is too strong and
I can't risk losing you, not for
myself or the others you protect.
They must-as always-come first.
You know I'd never face this demon
if I didn't think I'd be home in time
for dinner. To see my girls. To
see you. So trust me, and be there
tonight when I get home.