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Pardon My Past
Season 2, episode 14
Phoebe travels to 1924 to encounter a past life with P. Russell, P. Baxter and P. Bowen
Episode Information

February 17, 2000

Written by

Michael Gleason

Directed by

Jon Paré

Production Code


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Pardon My Past is 14th episode of the second season and the 36th overall episode of Charmed.


For a complete plot of Pardon My Past, go here.

When a malevolent presence from a past life threatens Phoebe with a violent death, she casts a spell to travel back in time to 1924, where she discovers that her past life was seduced by an immortal warlock named Anton, who convinced her to turn evil and help him destroy Prue and Piper’s past lives. Devastated to realize she once gave in to the dark side of her powers, Phoebe risks her present life in an attempt to reverse the past and destroy Anton forever. Meanwhile, Piper discovers that even in her past life she was forced to choose between Dan and Leo, and Prue finds she was once a talented photographer.


Characters in bold appear for the first time in the series.

Magical NotesEdit

  • Leo: "Well that's how our souls evolve; how we grow as individuals from one lifetime to the next." Leo explains his reasons for believing Phoebe's past life is trying to help her, rather than kill her. He then goes on and states perhaps it's Phoebe's power of premonition that links her to her past life.
  • Leo: "Well, they [the cousins] probably looked the same to you, because your soul recognized their souls.... We all tend to travel in the same circle of family, friends, even enemies throughout our various lives. And that’s why our souls recognize each other. So we can keep finding each other. That’s what soulmates means."
  • When you become a whitelighter, the Elders show you your past lives.
  • Dan's past life, Gordon Johson, was the husband of Piper's past life, P. Baxter, and, thus, is the great grandfather of the Charmed Ones.

Book of ShadowsEdit

After Anton was vanquished, Phoebe wrote an entry about him to warn the future generations.


  1. Phoebe casts the Past Life Spell.
  2. P. Bowen and P. Baxter cast a spell to kill an evil witch and curse her future lives.
  3. Phoebe creates and casts a spell to switch with her past life
  4. Phoebe creates and attempts to cast a reversal to her past-life-switching spell.
  5. Phoebe successfully casts her past-life-switching spell.

Past Life SpellEdit

Remove the chains of time and space
And make my spirit soar.
Let these mortal arms embrace
The life that haunts before.

To Kill An Evil WitchEdit

  • This spell not only kills an evil witch, but causes her future lives to be cursed; they will die at or near the same point as well.
Evil Witch in my sight,
Vanquish thy self,
Vanquish thy might,
In this and every future life.

To Switch Bodies With a Past LifeEdit

In this time and in this place
Take this spirit I displace
Bring it forth, while I go back
To inhabit a soul so black.

To Return to Present LifeEdit

In this time and in this place
Take this spirit I displace
Bring me forth, while she goes back
To a soul so black.
  • This spell did not work the first few times Phoebe used it, since Pearl had the amulet (necklace) on in the present.


  • Anton gave Russell a potion to triple her powers.


  • Premonition: Phoebe received a link with her past life.
  • Fire Throwing: Used by P. Russell (after drinking the Power Tripling Potion) to destroy wine boxes and to attack P. Bowen. She later attacked Piper and Prue (in Phoebe's body).
  • Glamouring: Used by Anton to glamour into Leo, Leo's past life and Christina Larson.
  • Cryokinesis: Used by P. Bowen to defend herself and to attack P. Russell and Phoebe (in P. Russell's body).
  • Super Strength: Used by Anton to knock Gordon Johnson across the living room.
  • Molecular Deceleration: Used by P. Baxter to slow down Anton.
  • Adjusting: Used by Anton to fight through P. Baxter's power.
  • Telekinesis: Prue tried to attack P. Russell (in Phoebe's body) and Anton, but the Amulet blocked her power. She later used it to deviate P. Russell's fire stream towards Anton.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper to freeze P. Russell's fire stream.


  • Anton and Russell possessed a Protection Amulet that would shield them from good witches.


Magical BeingsEdit

  • Anton- an immortal warlock in love with P. Russell
  • P. Russell -an ancestor to the Charmed Ones & Phoebe's past life.
  • P. Bowen- an ancestor to the Charmed Ones & Prue's past life.
  • P. Baxter - an ancestor to the Charmed Ones & Piper's past life.


Notes and TriviaEdit

Charmed 2x1400:22

Charmed 2x14


WB's promo

  • Brian Krause joins the main cast as Leo Wyatt.
  • Darryl does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode takes place on February 17.
  • It is unknown if the title of the episode is a reference to the movie Pardon My Past (1945).
  • This is the first episode to feature past lives of characters.
  • Phoebe’s date of birth is November 2, 1975.
  • Piper’s date of birth is August 7, 1973.
  • P. Russell’s date of birth is July 2, 1894 and died on February 17, 1924.
  • Leo's past life (which Anton impersonates) dies sometime between February 17, 1924 and May 6, 1924, as that is when Leo himself is born.
  • Phoebe doesn’t use her power.
  • Phoebe's remark that feeling evil was good backs up what happened in "Is There a Woogy in the House?", when she turned evil due to possession. She also wishes she had her past life's ability to throw fire, which she gains while pregnant with The Source's Heir.
  • Prue doesn’t use her Astral Projection power.
  • The Grandfather Clock gets smashed again, even though it was in the past.
  • A back door of the manor is shown from the outside for the first and last time.
  • While Anton is not the first or last evil being to be featured during the series' run to fall in love with a mortal/witch, he is the only one to turn the woman he loved permanently evil.
  • This is the first episode to show the Halliwell's family tree, and the next time it is shown is in the episode "Baby's First Demon".
  • The script initially gave names for the past incarnations of the sisters, but producers felt this would be too confusing for viewers, so instead they were only referred to by their first initial and last name, such as P. Baxter. 


  • While the Halliwell family tree is very detailed, large portions of it seem to be inaccurate. Grams date of birth is listed as June 23, 1937 making her merely 12 when Patty was born April 5, 1950. Her date of death, known to be 1998, was listed as March 5, 1968 - even though she was seen alive and well in the Season 1 episode That '70s Episode. Grams has also said repeatedly that there has "never been a man in the bunch" when she herself is shown to have a brother (Gordon Johnson II ) and there being several male relatives between them and Melinda Warren.
  • When P. Baxter is telling her husband to keep playing the piano it's obvious that he isn't actally pressing the keys.
  • P. Bowen notably changes her shoes while searching for Russell.
  • In Phoebe's vision of her past life, as she walks into the Manor you can see several people smoking cigars. However, one is a black lady. Some young people today think this was impossible because of racism in the 20s. However, as seen in party photographs of that era of Hollywood, certain exceptionally talented black people were allowed in upper class social circles, such as singers, entertainers, preachers and madams.
  • Played in slow motion, it can be seen that when Russell attacks Bowen with her fire power for the first time, the fire completely disappears just before Bowen retaliates, after which it reappears.
  • P. Baxter is shown wearing a gold ring, but in the next scene it's gone.

Featured MusicEdit

"Homecoming Song" by Owsley
"Can't Stand It" by Wilco
"If You Were The Only Girl In The World" by Rafe Spall

Photo GalleryEdit

The BattleEdit

Episode StillsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit


Prue: Great party. Maybe we should do this more often.
(Piper’s attention is directed towards Dan and Leo, who are drinking beer and talking in the living room.)
Piper: Yeah. Maybe next time, we can trim the guest list by one.
Prue: Piper. I had to invite Leo. He was at the club when I went to go pick up the supplies. He knew that we were throwing a party.
Piper: Well didn’t you think maybe he’d feel a little awkward being here because of Dan?
Prue: It doesn’t look like he feels too awkward to me. Look, Piper, he’s been mortal for what? A couple of weeks now? I mean, I felt bad for him. He doesn’t know anybody and it’s not like there’s a fallen-Whitelighters-support group to join or anything.
Piper: Prue, I’m not upset with you. I’m just…I’m…I’m upset with the whole situation.
Prue: Well, Leo’s just going to have to accept the fact that you’re with Dan now. You are still with Dan, right?
Piper: Yes. Of course. (We see Leo and Dan laughing.)
Piper: What do you think they’re talking about?
Prue: You.
Piper: Great.

Phoebe: I have too many phobias. To study for my psych exam. I never knew there were so many. Claustrophobia, arachnophobia..
(she flips through her flash cards)
Phoebe: Kleptophobia, phallusphobia.
Prue: Relaxaphobia.
Phoebe: Cute.
Prue: Just trying to help.

Piper: What the hell are they talking about?
(Cut to Leo and Dan.)
Leo: My favorite ball player? Joe DiMaggio. Hands down.
Dan: DiMaggio. No. I meant when you were growing up.
Leo: DiMaggio was…my grandfather’s favorite. That’s why he’s mine too.
Dan: You know Leo, this is just an observation, but uh, you don’t like to talk about your past that much. Do you?
Leo: It’s just not all that interesting, really.
Dan: Not that interesting? I mean, being in the army sounds pretty interesting. How, I mean, how long have you been out?
(Piper enters.)
Leo: Piper.
Piper: Hi guys. Having fun? Not talking about me too much, I hope.
Dan: No. No. Not at all.
Piper: No?
Dan: Actually. Leo was about to fill me in on his army experience.
Piper: The army? (Leo smiles) Huh. Whoops. Look at the time. Gotta call it a night. Party’s over.

(Phoebe enters looking for the family tree. Piper, Prue, and Leo follow her.)
Phoebe: Family tree. I know I saw one somewhere.
Piper: Uh, I still don’t understand.
Phoebe: We were all related. Cousins. And we lived here at the manor back in the twenties. (She begins looking for the family tree)
Piper: Together? Here? (She looks at Prue) So much for evolution.
Prue: Wait. So you saw us in our past lives? I mean, did we look the same? (Phoebe looks up from the trunk)
Phoebe: Uh, yeah. You did, actually. Kind of. (She opens the trunk, kneels down, and begins to look through it)

International TitlesEdit

  • French: Sœur contre sœurs (Sister Against Sisters)
  • Polish: Podróż do przeszłości (Travel to the Past)
  • Czech: Hrozba z minulosti (Threat from the Past)
  • Slovak: Odpusťte mi minulosť (Pardon My Past)
  • Italian: Il fascino del male (The Fascination of Evil)
  • Spanish (Spain): Perdonad mi pasado (Pardon My Past)
  • Spanish (Latin America): Perdona mi pasado (Pardon My Past)
  • Hungarian: Kísért a múlt (Tempt the Past)
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Perdoem o meu Passado (Pardon The My Past)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Perdoe Meu Passado (Pardon My Past)
  • Russian: Извини, моя прошлая жизнь [Izvini, moja prošlaja žizn′] (Excuse, Washing the Last Life)
  • Finnish: Sielunvaellus (Transmigration)
  • German: Verflucht in alle Ewigkeit (Cursed for All Eternity)
  • Serbian: Oprostite mojoj prošlosti (Pardon My past)
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