Paranoia Crystal
Artifact Information

Ruby-colored cilinder-shaped crystal


Infect witches with paranoia


Paranoia Induction


Paranoia crystal is a small ruby-colored crystal that can infect its victims with paranoia. These stones are made of red crystal and are used by demons, sorcerers and wizards alike on witches.

Zankou possessed one of these crystals. He mentioned that a sorcerer once took down an entire empire with one and gave the one he obtained to Kyle Brody. Kyle then spread paranoia to the Charmed Ones to prevent them from joining with the Avatars in creating Utopia. However, Kyle later broke the crystal after the spell was cast.[1]


A single touch of someone holding the crystal will cause a static shock, resulting in a gradually-building paranoia that will be passed on to a witch that person touches. The only way known to reverse the effects is by destroying the crystal used to infect the initial victim.


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