Paige Rowland
Actor Information

Paige Rowland


Greenwood, South Carolina

Birth date

May 27 1967




Season 3


Coyote Piper


Paige Rowland is one of the actors who portrayed the life essence, Terra, in the season 3 episode "Coyote Piper".

Biography Edit

Paige Rowland is perhaps Hollywood's best kept secret. This captivating actress began her career in her mid-teens working as a model in the states and abroad. Modeling provided the needed experience and exposure that paved the way for a career in acting. Her extensive list of credits includes roles in two hit daytime soap dramas, guest spots in a variety of prime time TV shows and choice parts in various feature films. She received the Performer of the Week Award in Soap Opera Weekly for her moving portrayal of Kit Montgomery - the feisty, but tormented ex-con on All My Children.

Writers of Soap Opera News chose her as one of Daytime's 50 Rising Stars. She has been acclaimed for her work on stage and in community theatre. Paige has written her own screenplay, Theodosia, a historical romantic drama, in which she will co-produce, star, and direct with husband Michael Dietz and their Desert Sought Production Company. Paige Rowland has established herself in the industry as an intelligent, hard-working, quality performer, and a sensitive, insightful, and provocative writer.

Her tenacity, strong faith, and zest for life make her an appealing off-screen personality also.

Career Edit

  • Charmed
  • Castle
  • All My Children


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