A chart noting the development of Paige Matthews's powers throughout the seasons. This does not include powers gained through unusual circumstances such as transformations, spells, pregnancy etc.

Season FourEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
AnigifPaigeOrb 4x01 Charmed Again, Part 1 Orbing Power used for the first time in the series as a fear response. Only able to orb out and back into the same place.
Orbcandle3 4x02 Charmed Again, Part 2 Telekinetic Orbing Power manifested after recreating the Charmed Ones.
Paige throws a lamp 4x02 Charmed Again, Part 2 Telekinetic Orbing Learns to orb and redirect an object before it manifests in her hand.
Charmed402 674 4x02 Charmed Again, Part 2 Healing Able to channel power through another Whitelighter.
4x04-PaigePower 4x04 Enter the Demon Telekinetic Orbing When Paige enters Limbo, her power is temporarily advanced.
Charmed405 573 4x05 Size Matters Orbing Power used on command.
Tel-orb-ball 4x09 Muse to My Ears Telekinetic Orbing Orbs an object she can't see by sketching it. Orbs an oncoming energy ball into the palm of her hand.
Orbcar 4x10 A Paige from the Past Orbing A trip to the past allows Paige to realize that she had always been able to orb, even before she was a witch.
Charmed414 642 4x14 The Three Faces of Phoebe Orbing Can orb from one place to another and take passengers.
Teleorb-sofa-Piper 4x15 Marry-Go-Round Telekinetic Orbing Can orb an object from one place to another without orbing it in her direction first.
Charmed417 399 4x17 Saving Private Leo Sensing Power accessed for the first time.

Season FiveEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
5x02P15 5x02 A Witch's Tail, Part 2 Telekinetic Orbing Orbs an object from another room with no visual aid.
5x07P56 5x07 Sympathy for the Demon Telekinetic Orbing Orbs a liquid.
5x13P19 5x13 House Call Glamouring Power discovered.
5x17P15 5x17 Lucky Charmed Telekinetic Orbing Orbs a living being.

Season SixEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
6x06P31 6x06 My Three Witches Telekinetic Orbing Redirects a fire ball without orbing it to her hand first.
PaigeOrbExcalibur 6x07 Sword and the City Telekinetic Orbing Orbs Excalibur to the attic without calling for it.
6x12P25 6x12 Prince Charmed Telekinetic Orbing Orbs an object without using her hands.
Rainbow 6x18 6x18 Spin City Telekinetic Orbing Levitates a shillelagh momentarily to summon a leprechaun.

Season SevenEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
7x01P1 7x01 A Call to Arms Telekinetic Orbing Can do small acts of basic Telekinesis while orbing objects.
Remote Orbing 11 7x08 Charmed Noir Remote Orbing Power advances, can now send someone to another location.
Charmed720 273 7x20 Imaginary Fiends Omnilingualism Power used for the first time in the series when speaking Maori to deal with a charge.

Season EightEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
8x12P10 8x12 Payback's a Witch Healing Ability to heal independently manifests in response to her feelings for Henry.
8x12P14 8x12 Payback's a Witch Telekinetic Orbing Deviates multiple energy balls at once.
8x13P53 8x13 Repo Manor Photokinesis Power used for the first time in the series, in combination with Telekinetic Orbing.
8x16P31 8x16 Engaged and Confused Telekinetic Orbing Can reposition demons frozen by Piper's power without disrupting the freeze.
8x17P40 8x17 Generation Hex Healing Used on command.
8x19 The Jung and the Restless Cloaking Power used for the first time to protect a charge.
8x20P60 8x20 Gone with the Witches Hovering Uses power for the first time, having seen it in a dream before.
8x20P21 8x20 Gone with the Witches Telekinetic Orbing Orbs more than one living being. Can lift beings off the ground and throw them.

Season NineEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Telekinetic Orbing 1 9x01 Charmed Lives Telekinetic Orbing Calling the object's name is no longer always needed.
Orb Shield 1 9x03 Innocents Lost Orb Shield Power manifests. Advanced focus of Telekinetic Orbing.
Orb Shield 5 9x05 Unnatural Resources Orb Shield Uses the power to contain an explosion.
Orbing 9 9x07 The Heir Up There Orbing First time we see her orb to the The Upper Regions.
Orb Shield 6 9x10 Three Little Wiccans Orb Shield Can push back approaching demons with the force of her shield.
Telekinetic Orbing 13 9x18 Four's Company Telekinetic Orbing Can transport objects to people in other locations.
Remote Orbing 3 9x19 Crossed, Triple-Crossed Remote Orbing Can summon a person from another location simply by calling their name.
Telekinetic Orbing 16Remote Orbing 4 9x24 The Power of 300 Telekinetic Orbing/Remote Orbing The dome reveals the full potential of her powers, allowing her to scatter a soldier's orbs around the world and to orb Darryl half way across the world with ease.

Season TenEdit

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
10x01TKorbheart 10x01 No Country for Old Ones Telekinetic Orbing Orbs a vital organ out of an upper-level demon's body.
10x19-paige-piper-phoebe-coop-half-orb 10x19 Something Old, Something Prue Orbing Can surround herself and others in orbs without completely orbing away.

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