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Throughout the course of the series, Paige has been..

Season 4 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation
Phoebe enter the demon 4x04 Enter the Demon Phoebe Halliwell, after accidentally casting a spell causing the two to switch bodies.
Charmed405 548 4x05 Size Matters Shrunken to five inches tall by the demon Gammill.
Paige Teen 4x10 A Paige from the Past Her teenage self when going back in time.
Paige Vampire 4x18 Bite Me A vampire after being attacked by a swarm of vampire bats.

Season 5 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation
Paige SnowWhite 5x03 Happily Ever After Snow White after taking a bite of a poisoned apple.
Paige Heroine 5x05 Witches in Tights A superhero based on a drawing created by Kevin.
Charmed508 613 5x08 A Witch In Time A mortal after Bacarra stripped the Charmed Ones' powers.
Charmed519 522 5x19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun A Nymph after being kissed by two Nymphs.
5x22P24 5x22 Oh My Goddess! Part 1 A statue after confronting Meta.
Paige Goddess 5x22-5x23 Oh My Goddess! A Greek Goddess of War after being possessed by the essence.

Season 6 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation
Paige Valkyrie 6x01-6x02 Valhalley of the Dolls A Valkyrie by wearing a Valkyrie Pendant.
6x07P22 6x07 Soul Survivor A ghost after making a Faustian Deal with Zahn.
Paige Ghost Sword 6x08 Sword and the City A ghost after her soul is evicted from her body.
Paige Ghost 6x15 I Dream of Phoebe A ghost after the Charmed Ones are wished dead.

Season 7 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation
Old Paige 7x04 Charrrmed! Aged dramatically after being cut by a cursed blade.
Paige transforming into beast 7x06 Once in a Blue Moon A wolf-like creature that comes out during a blue moon.
7x08-PaigeKyleCrossedBook 7x08 Charmed Noir A character in the novel, Crossed, Double-Crossed.

Season 8 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation
Jo Bennett 8x01-8x05 Still Charmed and KickingRewitched Under a magical disguise named Jo Bennett.
Paige Carol Flowers 8x06 Kill Billie: Vol. 1 A ghostly appearance of the dead Carol Flowers under a potion.
Paige hulk 8x09 Hulkus Pocus A monster due to being infected by a deadly virus.
Repo Manor - Within Lil Manor 8x13 Repo Manor Shrunken to five inches tall by Savard.
HenryTelekineticOrbing 8x18 The Torn Identity Implanted inside Henry's mind by the cupid Coop.

Season 9 Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Transformation
9x10-9x12 Three Little WiccansThe Charmed Offensive A ghost after an attack from a demon.
9x20-9x24 The Old Witcheroo - Prue Ya Gonna Call? A mortal while mortals possessed magic and magical beings lost theirs.

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