Paige Matthews' Apartment
Location information

San Francisco, California


Paige Matthews


Her Landlord


Paige Matthews had a small studio apartment on Portero Avenue, for the beginning of the fourth season. The main color theme in Paige's apartment is green, where things like kitchen cabinets and rails are green.

She also had a pet bird in the apartment named Oscar, which is killed by Shane when he was possessed by the Source. When Paige's past incarnation, the Evil Enchantress, destroyed the loft, Paige was offered to move in with her sisters to the Manor.


  • Leo Wyatt would commonly "spy" on Paige to make sure she was never attacked while living in her apartment.
  • The apartment caught on fire and nearly burnt down in "A Knight to Remember".
  • The Apartment number was "3".
  • The front door to the apartment was made nearly out of glass which is vey uncommon in large apartment buildings.
  • Leo brought a witch named Susan to the place when she was being targeted by the demon Sykes.