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Piper Kiwano

Piper before she collapsed from the fruit

In 2000, Piper Halliwell contracted a deadly bacterial disease known as Oroya Fever.


At her new nightclub P3, Piper's bartender brought back a strange fruit known as Kiwano (a horned melon, half cucumber, half kiwi) from South America. She commented Kiwano is great in Mai Tais.

Unbeknownst to Piper, while preparing the fruit upon receipt, she was bit on her shoulder by a sandfly carrying the disease. The disease rarely survives the quarantine-incubation period but the fruit was smuggled into America due to the bartender's connections at the docks. Thinking it was just a cough, Piper ignored seeking medical advice; however while at the club she was preparing the Kiwano again and collapsed.

At San Francisco Memorial Hospital, Piper lay in her bed, with her sisters Prue and Phoebe beside her. Thinking it was something trendy like Mono (Mononucleosis) or Epstein-Barr, she thought it wasn't anything serious, however her doctor Curtis Williamson explained to her what the illness actually was and how she must have contracted such a rare illness while only being in San Francisco. He prescribed her antibiotics and wanted to run more tests and blood work.

The sisters decided they should call Leo to heal her but Piper was deadset against it. But later the condition worsened and Piper slipped into a coma. Prue and Phoebe were distraught by what had happened and decided to call Leo to heal her, and to hell with what Piper said; she could be mad at them but as long as she would be alive.

At the manor, Prue and Phoebe called Leo and he said that since she was not injured fighting demons, he could not heal her, and even if he could The Elders would not allow him to.

The sisters decided since Leo wouldn't do anything to save their sister, they would find a way to save her magically and screw the consequences. Flipping through the Book of Shadows the girls found the Awakening Spell and decided to try it.

Back at San Fran Memorial, the girls found Dan by Piper's bedside. They asked if he could go get them some sodas and then Prue retrieved a vial of Piper's blood from the nurse's station using her telekinesis. Phoebe borrowed a ninja doll from a sick child to use as a poppet to shift the illness to.

Piper Awakening2

Piper is Awakened

Piper Awakening1

The girls embrace, Dr. Williamson walks in

With the vial of blood and the spell in hand, the girls placed the doll on Piper, holding their hands aloft on Piper they began to recite the spell while pouring her blood on the doll. Almost complete, Dr. Williamson began to open the door and nearly walked in, Prue used her power to hold it shut and they continued chanting. Piper awoke, the doctor came in and Phoebe disposed of the ninja doll. Everyone was stunned by what happened, especially the doctor. He still wanted to know what was going on but Piper demanded to be released from the hospital. But the doll came to life. Everything in the room was awakened.

That night at P3 with music blaring, the sisters danced and were glad everything was fine. However, while cleaning the club, Prue and Phoebe noticed Piper moving at great speed and something was awry. The next day, at P3, Piper and Phoebe were taken by the CDC and the club was quarantined. Prue was later taken at the manor by the CDC as well and described them taking about a quart of blood.

At the hospital, the sisters decided they had to reverse the spell and let the doctors work their magic. Prue astral projected to the attic and retrieved the reversal spell. She returned to the hospital, though Prue and Phoebe were hesitant to cast the spell, but Piper told them they had to. With their hands laid on Piper, they chanted the spell and Piper fell back into the coma.

While comatose, Piper was slipping away. She flatlined, but deciding to break the rules, Leo healed her just as she was about to pass on to the afterlife. This decision ultimately resulting in him losing his wings. Piper was dead physically but then awoke and everyone was surprised.

This later culminates into Williamson running more tests on the blood, injecting it into monkeys and being infected with sisters Wiccan powers; later being killed.



Piper Awakening

Prue and Phoebe place their hands on Piper and cast the Awakening Spell

Piper Awakening3

The girls Reverse the Awakening Spell

The following spell was used to shift the disease to a poppet. The other spell was used to reverse it.

Awakening SpellEdit

Troubled Blood,
With Sleep's unease.
Remove the cause of this disease.
Sleep eternal nevermore,
And shift the source of illness borne
to this poppet whom none mourn.

To Reverse The Awakening SpellEdit

What was awakened from it's sleep,
Must once again slumber deep.
Return the disease from whence it came
So life can ease back to the same.
  • Last two lines were not chanted.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Oroya Fever is another name for what is known as Carrion's Disease, which belongs to a set of bacteria-related diseases known as Bartonellosis.
  • The DVD subtitles and various websites incorrectly spell the disease name as either Oroyo or Arroyo Fever.

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