Physical description

Mortal (in an illusion)



Character information
Only appearance

Brain Drain

Portrayed By

Eric Ware

"Doesn't really rhyme, does it?"
—The orderly commenting on Piper's failed spell.[src]

The Orderly was a mortal who worked at the Halliwell Hospital in an illusion created by the Source of All Evil. This world was created in an attempt to have Piper give up her magic. After Piper woke up in the hospital, she was taken to isolation by the orderly after causing a disturbance. When her sisters entered Piper's mind to save her, the orderly grabbed Paige until he was knocked out by Phoebe. Leo was then able to get through to Piper and the illusion was ended.


The Orderly appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 4
Brain Drain

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