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Optical Energy Blasts
Power Information

Shoot a blast or beam of energy from one both eyes


Anger, Hate, Squint Eyes




Offensive Power

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Optical Energy Blasts is the ability to emit a sudden blast, bolt or beam of energy from one or both eyes. The appearance and color of the energy is dependent on the user. This power is potentially lethal, as it can cut through skin and bone and can be used to vanquish beings.


Green Energy BlastsEdit

A Gypsy named Lydia possessed the power to emit short blasts of green energy from her eyes. She used it to defend herself from a couple of Gypsy Hunters who were after her powers. When accessing her power Lydia chanted Waffediyok, which is Romanian for Evil Eye, as it was the symbol of her family and her talisman. Lydia used the Evil Eye to greatly augment her power, causing it to create a small dust storm when fired on the ground.

After her death, her power was stolen by a Gypsy Hunter named Orin, who implanted her eyes into his own eye sockets to gain her powers. Orin was later vanquished with his stolen power when it was deflected by the Nicolae ancestors protecting Ava.[1]

Blue Energy BeamEdit

Gavin, a three-eyed warlock from the future, also possessed a variation of this power, allowing him to emit a thin laser-like beam of blue energy from his third eye. His power was capable of cutting through skin and the skull of his victims. The wound of this power could be mistaken for a gunshot wound by mortals.[2]

Yellow Energy BoltsEdit

The Avatars possess a variation of this power allowing them to fire bolts of yellow or golden energy that resemble bolts of lighting. While under the guise of the floating heads, the Avatars used this ability to vanquish a tribe of Possessor Demons.[3]

List of beings who use(d) Optical Energy BlastsEdit

Original power
Through spell, potion, stealing, etc.
  • Orin (Stolen from Lydia)

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