Old Magician
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My Three Witches

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Art Frankel

Old Magician: "And abracadabra. Uh, where's the rabbit?"
Wife: "The rabbit died last year, dear."
— The old magician and his wife during a trick[src]

The Old Magician was a mortal man named Charlie who performed magic tricks at a retirement center with his wife. During one of her temp jobs, Paige Matthews assisted him with a trick.


The Old Magician was trying to perform a trick which involved 'cutting' a person in a box in half. However, he could not make it work and his wife informed him that he had forgotten the saws. Paige, who was in the box, orbed herself so the trick would work. He later tried to make a rabbit appeared from a hat, but his wife reminded him the rabbit had died last year.

Alternate Reality

When Gith created an alternate reality based on Paige's desires, the magician had a heart attack. Paige was shocked when his wife suddenly told her to orb him to the hospital. The nurse then confirmed that everyone knew she was a witch, so Paige orbed him. He was later seen at the hospital with his wife and it was mentioned he would make a full recovery.


The Old Magician appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.