Old Friend
The Warren Witches
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Written by

Laura J. Burns

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Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 6

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Old Friend is the 1st of eight short stories in The Warren Witches. It is written by Laura J. Burns.


Paige Matthews comes across an old friend of hers. All is well except that she has not changed a bit since they last met. When the former invites her to the Manor, she tags along excitedly. But all too soon, she reads a spell from the Book of Shadows and disappears mysteriously. The sisters make it their duty to find her before she is hurt. But as the sisters progress, more facets of the friend crop up. Will they be able to solve the mystery?

Their adventures take them back the roaring 20's when the manor was a speakeasy, a simple spell cast by P. Russell (with the classic black bobbed hair) goes horribly awry. Luckily P. Baxter (who is described as having chestnut hair) is able to fix things. The novel takes place on New Year's, roughly two months before P. Russell's death.




  • Wyatt Halliwell: Piper and Leo's son. He has powers beyond everyone's comprehension.
  • Emmeline Graydon: Paige's friend with a secret.
  • P. Baxter: The great-grandmother of the Charmed Ones.
  • P. Russell: Phoebe's past incarnation, who accidentally bestowed Emmeline with immortality.


Magical NotesEdit


To Make The Book Open At The Last Seen PageEdit

Halliwell Book,
We need another look;
Reveal your latest secret.

To Return Back In Time Before An Incantation Was SaidEdit

Powers enacted, magic has gone.
The spell was said,
And done.
Return me there to see it again.

Youth SpellEdit

Light a circle of crimson candles and when the spell has been said, blow them out in the reverse order.
Powers of the earth and the land below,
Witness my beauty, behold my youth.
Though others here continue to grow,
Let age pass me by, keep me young in truth.