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Old Family Recipe
The Warren Witches
Novel Information
Written by

Diana G. Gallagher

Published by

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

ISBN Number




Novel Guide

Witch Trap


Family History


Old Family Recipe is one of the eight short stories of The Warren Witches. It is written by Diana G. Gallagher.


When Piper Halliwell hunts the family recipe for her Grams' special apple pie, she instead stumbles across a curse one of P. Russell's, Phoebe's past life and thinking it to be her Grams', she bakes the pies. The next day, strange things start to happen: everyone who ate the pies are fixated to what they did just after they had eaten the pie. Now will Piper alone be able to reverse the damage done?


  • Wayne Hoyt: Darryl's captain.
  • Mrs. Hoyt
  • Angie Shore: Robert's fiancée. They broke off their engagement after eating a cursed apple pie invented by P. Russell.
  • Robert: Angie Shore's fiancé.


  • Darryl is addressed as "inspector", when he in reality has become lieutenant.

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