Old Family Recipe
The Warren Witches
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Diana G. Gallagher

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Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 6

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Old Family Recipe is the 7th of eight short stories in The Warren Witches. It is written by Diana G. Gallagher.


When Piper Halliwell hunts the family recipe for her Grams's special apple pie, she instead stumbles across a curse one of P. Russell's, Phoebe's past life and thinking it to be her Grams's, she bakes the pies. The next day, strange things start to happen: everyone who ate the pies are fixated to what they did just after they had eaten the pie. Now will Piper alone be able to reverse the damage done?





  • Mrs. Hoyt: Wayne's wife.
  • Angie Shore: Robert's fiancée. They broke off their engagement after eating a cursed apple pie invented by P. Russell.
  • Robert: Angie Shore's fiancé.


  • P. Russell: Phoebe Halliwell's past life incarnation. She was the one who invented the cursed apple pie.
  • Penny Halliwell: The sisters' late grandmother.

Magical NotesEdit


Vengeance PieEdit

A recipe invented by P. Russell to destroy a couple. Accidentally used by Piper to make someone become obsessive with the first thing they did after consuming the pie.

The ingredients are the following:

  1. Hand-kneaded dough
  2. Bottom crusts in 3 nine-inch disposable aluminum dishes
  3. 1 Apple blossom
  4. Apple-cider vinegar
  5. 1 sprinkling of Dragon's blood
  6. Vanilla
  7. Rosemary
  8. Cinnamon
  9. 16 crisp apples

Antidote PotionEdit

Made by P. Baxter to reverse the pie's effects. Whoever consumes the potion will be freed.

The ingredients are the following:

  1. Half a cup of water in a pan
  2. 3 sprigs of dried clove in half a teaspoon
  3. 1 balm of Gilead leaf
  4. 1 crumbled dry leaf
  5. Powdered elecampane root
  6. 1 crushed eucalyptus seed
  7. 1 chopped dried apple blossom
  8. 1 dash of dragon's blood


Notes and TriviaEdit

Differences from the ShowEdit

  • Darryl is addressed as "inspector", when he was lieutenant on the show.