The O'Farrell Family is a family of witches featured in the novel Inherit the Witch. The family originated from Ireland, but has traveled nonstop for centuries. Every family member receives their power at the age of thirteen. The demon Gortag had hunted this family for six generations.



The O'Farrell line first faced Gortag at a Summer Solstice bonfire in the 1800's, with a group of witches when the demon attacked. The head O'Farrell was able to contain him in a pit of fire long enough for everyone to escape. Since the demon was powerful enough to render witches unable to fight and turn on each other, the O'Farrell descendants traveled around the world to avoid getting caught. Gortag only ever managed to kill off a few family members every time he found them. One of the ancestors was able to entomb him in a cave for fifty years before he escaped.

After learning of a prophecy where Gortag could only be vanquished by the joint powers of a mother and a daughter of the O'Farrell bloodline, he had a warlock curse them to prevent the female family members unable to birth a daughter, which negated the prophecy: the males could produce a female through a witch from another family. However, their daughter would be unable to produce another female due to the cursed bloodline.

Last Surviving Family Members

In the late 20th century, Juliana O'Farrell succeeded in negating the curse and give birth to a female, thus activating the prophecy again. Gortag found and slaughtered the entire family in a latest battle, missing only Juliana and Drew. Juliana then went into hiding to protect her daughter, but her baby was swapped with another by two demons.

In 2002, the demon found out about the O'Farrell mother and daughter,and went after them. He was permanently vanquished by Juliana and Drew's joint powers, the former by incinerating his body and soul, and the latter holding onto his soul to keep it in the fire.[1]

Notable Family Members

Notes and Trivia

  • According to Juliana, not all male family members had powers, but they still inherited the magical gene that passed on to the next generation. Females always had powers, though some were weaker than others.
  • Unlike the Warren line and many other families, the O'Farrells didn't keep a Book of Shadows and instead passed their knowledge down as stories. According to Juliana, "there was an old story that if you put a spell on paper then it could be used against you, plus three of our ancestors were burned at the stake in Ireland and it was forbidden from then on to have any records of our craft".