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A Nurse appeared in a total of 13 episodes over the course of the series.


Season 1
Something Wicca This Way Comes
Admitting Nurse portrayed by Charmaine Cruz
Dream Sorcerer
Portrayed by Doug Spearman
E.R. Nurse portrayed by Todd Howk
The Wendigo
Portrayed by Rana Morrison
Season 2
Portrayed by Monica Allison
Portrayed by Faith Salie
Portrayed by Chuti Tiu
Astral Monkey
Portrayed by Dierdre Holder
Season 3
Primrose Empath
Portrayed by Wendy Worthington
Season 4
Womb Raider
Portrayed by Cynthia Yoshikawa
Season 5
Siren Song
Portrayed by Tisha Gonsalves
The Eyes Have It
Male Nurse portrayed by Joe Camareno
OR Nurse portrayed by Heather McPhaul
Season 6
My Three Witches
Portrayed by Lynn Tufeld
It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2
Portrayed by Kerry O'Malley
Season 8
The Lost Picture Show
Portrayed by Alanna Boatright
Portrayed by Nichelle Hines
Vaya Con Leos
Portrayed by Fran de Leon

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