Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Henry are at the manor when the doorbell rings. A man introduces himself as a new neighbor and gives the sisters a plate of pastries. Although friendly, he refuses to shake hands with Henry due to “germs”. The man then quickly leaves before the sisters can catch his name. Looking at the pastries, the sisters instantly become suspicious. They suspect the new neighbor is evil and Paige casts a spell on the pastries, which reveals they are indeed evil.


Gaxageal attacks the manor.

Piper is on the phone with Prue, who asks what is going on. Piper mentions that she is catering a wedding, while Paige has a lot of new students and Phoebe is preparing to go on a book tour. She also informs her about the demon and Prue expresses her desire to kick demonic ass. The call is interrupted when the demonic neighbor attacks.

Three months later, the sisters notice a new entry in the Book of Shadows about ancient demons known as the Old Ones. They mention the demon, Gaxageal, has attacked three times already and is seemingly getting stronger each time. The sisters learn that in order to stop the demon, they need to penetrate its core, which leads Phoebe to conclude that they need to destroy his heart. The sisters also ask Prue to find the demon.


Prue hovering.

At The All, Prue is hovering when Cole arrives. Cole asks if Prue found anything on the astral plane, to which she replies only whispers, and he tells her he found something.

The sisters learn from Cole that the Old Ones are only vulnerable in their true form. Cole also discovered their base is an underground temple in Toronto, Canada. Just as the sisters prepare, Gaxageal and his minions attack the manor. Coop beams Henry and the kids to Magic School for safety.

A fight erupts and the sisters vanquish all the minions. However, they are then captured by Gaxageal’s tentacles when he assumes his true form. The sisters cast a vanquishing spell, which only weakens the demon. Paige then orbs out Gaxageal’s heart, causing the demon to explode into slime.

In an unknown location, demons Fritz and Valen are discussing what happened. Valen concludes that the Halliwells are unique because they can evade death. He then informs Fritz about an artifact known as the Ancient Athame, capable of killing souls and thus wiping them out of existence. Fritz replies that it is just a legend, though Valen says that he knows its location.

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