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Necromancy is a collective name referring to powers and abilities that revolve around death. These powers involve the manipulation of spirits and the Undead.

Branches of NecromancyEdit

Controlling UndeadEdit


The Alchemist controlling the Undead.

The ability to control the thoughts and actions of the Undead. This ability is possessed by certain Alchemists, such as the one who worked with Zankou. While not being able resurrect beings on his own, he had the ability to control them once Zakou brought them to life. Whenever he used his ability, a light would emenate from his hands. [1]


Necrokinesis Angel of Death

The Angel of Death killing Piper.

Main article: Necrokinesis

Necrokinesis is the ability to cause instant death without apparent cause.


Main article: Resurrection

Resurrection is the rare ability to either bring oneself or others back to life after being killed or vanquished. While resurrection is a power on its own, the process can also be accomplished through other means, including spells or rituals.

Soul AbsorptionEdit

Main article: Soul Absorption

Soul Absorption is the ability to absorb the essence of spirits and use their life force as a source of energy or nutrition.

Spirit DominionEdit

Main article: Spirit Dominion

Spirit Dominion is the ability to have control over the thoughts and actions of spirits.


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