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Andrew Ducote

Phoebe: "You know, I was wondering if you would let me borrow the wizard for a while. My sister could use a little magic right about now."
Nathan: "She can keep him. I don’t need him anymore."
— Nathan and Phoebe talking about the ninja doll.[src]

Nathan was a young boy who was in San Francisco Memorial Hospital around the same time that Piper Halliwell was in the hospital for Oroya Fever.


Nathan met Phoebe Halliwell while sitting in the waiting room. He was in a wheelchair carrying a ninja doll that he found in the children's ward. When the doll was mentioned, Phoebe picked it up and claimed that the doll was actually a wizard with the power to move and freeze things as well as kickbox to cheer Nathan up.

After finding out that he only had two days before being discharged from the hospital, he met Phoebe again and thanked her for the magic. He gave her the doll so she could cast the Awakening Spell, telling her that he didn't need it anymore.

After the spell was cast, it backfired without their knowledge, causing the ninja doll to come to life as a carrier of the fatal disease. After pricking a nurse and two other people, it set its sight on a sleeping Nathan. Just before could prick him, the sisters reversed the spell, rendering the doll lifeless and Nathan unaware of his potential death.



Nathan appeared in 1 episode over the course of the series.