Natalie Kent
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  • High school student
  • Head cheerleader
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The Crucible


Natalie Kent is a minor character in the novel The Warren Witches.


Her boyfriend, Matt, constantly hit on the girl, Marissa Hargrave, while going out with Natalie. Marissa, at the end of her wit, told the guidance counselor, who in turn told Matt's coach and then Matt was benched for a week. This brought Natalie's attention, and though it was Matt who did the wrong, she blamed Marissa and constantly picked on her with her peers.

On one night, Marissa and her friend Laurie did a spell as a prank to summon the demon Hete. Unbeknownst to them, the spell worked with a twist, instead of directing the demon at Natalie, it backfired on Marissa instead, since they used wrong ingredients for the spell.

Under the influence of the demon, Natalie and her peers started physically assaulting Marissa. The Charmed Ones realized what was going on and tried to banish the demon, but the demon escaped and magically affected the entire town, causing Natalie and her peers to hunt Marissa all the way to the Halliwell Manor. The sisters then banished the demon, and Natalie and her friends became normal once again. To cover up the incident, Phoebe feigned invitation into her home.


Natalie Kent has appeared in a total of 1 novel throughout the course of the franchise.

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