Mystic Knoll
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You call this a vacation?
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Written by

Diana G. Gallagher

Published by

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 5

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Pied Piper


Changeling Places


Mystic Knoll is the 28th book of Charmed novels.

This novel is set between Season 5 Episode 17 Lucky Charmed and Season 5 Episode 21 Oh My Goddess! Part 1.


A curse was made, an Innocent born—
To darkness her small life was sworn.
Gather the forces, bring them together—
Save this girl from sadness forever!

All vanquishing and no play makes for tired, grumpy Charmed Ones. Paige decides that what they need is a family getaway, but where to go? She'd love to explore her witch heritage in Salem, but that doesn't sound very relaxing to Phoebe and Piper, who'd rather spend a week on a quiet beach, soaking up the sun. Sensing a sibling showdown, Leo points out that they can do both. They'll spend a day or two in Salem, then the rest of the time on the beautiful Massachusetts coast.

It seems the girls have gotten a break from evil—but late flights and wrong directions conspire to sidetrack the travelers, and they find themselves hungry, exhausted, and nowhere near Salem. They happen upon a bed-and-breakfast run by a crotchety old woman and her strange, shy granddaughter. They're not your typical innkeepers, and soon Piper, Phoebe, and Paige find that nothing in this small town is typical. It's all a little… well… mystical. It looks like a working holiday for the Charmed Ones!






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Notes and Trivia

  • The story takes place during the summer solstice in June. Ironically, another novel (Survival of the Fittest) takes place approximately one week later, but a year earlier.
  • Debut appearance of Wyatt Halliwell.