Power Information

Mummifies another being


Wave hands and cast spell




Supportive Power


Mummification the ability to mummify another being almost instantly, preserving their bodies and protecting them from harm. This ability is activated through a spell. Once beings are mummified, they can only be freed by another spell. Anyone who attempts to open the wrappings, will receive a powerful electric shock.


The only known beings to possess this power was the demon Jeric and ancient Egyptian spellcasters, who trapped Jeric ages ago when they could not vanquish him. Jeric used this ability to preserve the bodies inhabited by the spirit of Isis, his lover. Each time Isis would burn out a body not strong enough to hold her, Jeric would mummify her until he found another suitable vessel. Only Isis knew the spell to de-mummify the bodies, however, as she possessed other bodies, these bodies also gained access to her knowledge.

List of UsersEdit

  • Ancient Egyptian Spellcasters (Mummification)
  • Jeric (Mummification)
  • Isis (Demummification)
  • Paige Matthews (Demummification, using Isis' knowledge)


Mummifying SpellEdit

Saqqara tiet ushebti

Possession SpellEdit

Khet mastaba hotep ka

De-mummifying spellEdit

Dromos wabet khufu nemes akh


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