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Ms. Hellfire
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2000; Halliwell Manor

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Ms. Hellfire

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Wendi Bromley


Ms. Hellfire was a professional assassin. Because of her many disguises and aliases it was believed that no one really knew what she looked like. In 2000, she was hired by Bane Jessup to kill thirteen witches at the behest of Barbas. She had at least one apartment in San Francisco, though considering her profession she could have had more residences.



Hellfire's list.

Sometime before Friday the 13th in 2000, Ms. Hellfire was hired by the mob boss Bane Jessup to kill thirteen witches on that specific day. They had never met in person but somehow started a flirtatious long-distance relationship. Bane himself was working for the demon Barbas, who would be able to return to Earth if he killed thirteen witches before midnight.

Hellfire killed nine witches and placed an explosive to kill the tenth, Marcy Steadwell, before going after the Charmed Ones. She was aware that they were witches and had knowledge about their individual powers, taking them into account when making her move.

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Hellfire killed by her own bullets.

Hellfire assaulted the manor with a rifle through the windows, luring the sisters to the front door. She then planned to sneak in through the kitchen and kill them from behind. However, as she stepped out of the kitchen, she stepped on a piece of glass. As she fired, Prue instinctively used her power of Telekinesis to send the bullets flying back, killing Hellfire with her own bullets. The Charmed Ones searched her belongings and discovered she was a hit-woman who was killing witches. They then convinced Darryl to give them some time. Darryl and Phoebe then went to save Marcy Steadwell from the explosive and put Hellfire in the morgue under her name.

Meanwhile Prue and Piper investigated Hellfire's apartment for clues, where Prue couldn't resist putting on her expensive clothing. When Bane's men suddenly appeared at the apartment, they mistook her for Hellfire herself. Prue then adopted the identity to figure out who was behind the hit.


Ms. Hellfire appears in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.