Mr. Yakihama
Mr. Yakihama
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The Power of Two

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Yuji Hasegawa

"Nice to meet you too. I trust that everything is all right with your family."
—Mr. Yakihama to Prue Halliwell.[src]

Mr. Yakihama is the head of acquisitions of a large corporation in Japan. Buckland Auction House was to meet with Mr. Yakihama and his assistants to plan a merger, conjoining the companies.


Prue was supposed to attend the meeting with Mr. Yakihama, though she was running late due to dealing with the spirit of Jackson Ward. Claire Pryce noted that Prue had quite a few family emergencies. When Prue finally arrived, Mr. Yakihama asked if her family was alright. They were about to start the meeting when Andy Trudeau interrupted, as he required Prue's help to stop Jackson. Missing the meeting led to Claire firing Prue, though Andy was able to save her job by telling Claire that she had helped him arrest a smuggling gang.


Mr. Yakihama appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.