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Mr. Stewick
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Forget Me...Not

Portrayed By

Scott Klace


Mr. Stewick is the boss of Ritz Teukolsky Ruben. Mr. Stewick was a sexist pig who had a liking for Flo and dated her once, he threatened Flo that if she doesn't go out with him again he was going to fire her. In the alternate side after the Cleaners erased the Charmed Ones memories Flo told Paige that he fired her because she refused to go out with him again, though the reality after the Charmed Ones had cast a memory spell and fought with the Cleaners again Paige fixed the situation by glamouring into Flo and making the impression on Mr. Stewick that she wanted him, but Flo (Paige) was pretending and telekinetically orbed a pot at his head, knocking him unconscious.



Mr. Stewick appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 6
Forget Me...Not

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