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Forget Me...Not

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Scott Klace

"Whatever. You're a temp. You want to help people? Sit your pretty ass back down, answer the damn phone."
—Mr. Stewick to Paige.[src]

Mr. Stewick is a manager[1] at Ritz Teukolsky Ruben, a business in San Francisco. He was noted for his inappropriate behavior toward women, particularly Flo, whom he gone on a date with.


Shortly before Paige started working at the business, Mr. Stewick asked Flo out on a date and she agreed, though she threw a drink in his face when he grabbed her ass. When Mr. Stewick wanted to see Flo in his office, she became nervous and asked Paige to go with her. Paige agreed, though she was distracted by a dragon flying by.

After the Cleaners took Wyatt and erased the sisters' memories, Paige ran into an upset Flo. She revealed that Mr. Stewick had fired her because she refused to go on another date.


"Flo" attacking Mr. Stewick.

Time reversed itself to a day, and after much havoc dealt, "Flo" returned to the office that same morning to talk to Stewick. Stewick implied that sleeping with him would prevent her from getting fired. She pretended to play along, though she then knocked him out with a flower pot, revealing she was a glamoured Paige. When the real Flo entered, Paige said that she had overheard Mr. Stewick threatening Flo, thus securing her job back.


Mr. Stewick appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.


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