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Crossed, Triple-Crossed


Mr. Mercer is a former powerful crime lord in San Francisco. He is the father of Christopher Mercer and the biological grandfather of Henry Mitchell Jr. His entire family, except for him and his son, were violently killed.


Bob Cowan a ran background check on Henry Jr.'s mother and located the father, Christopher Mercer. Christopher never knew about his son, and neither did Mr. Mercer.

Discovering Henry's origin meant Paige and Henry had to give him back to his own family, much to their dismay. To keep Henry from being raised in such a dangerous family, Paige Matthews plots a plan to get him and his son arrested. She conjured up a detective from a novel, Richard Quinn, to get the eyes of an expert. Knowing Mercer is completely inapproachable, they went for his son instead. Eventually, she collected enough evidence against their crimes, and so is able to keep her son.


Mr. Mercer appeared in a total of 1 issues over the course of the series.

Season 9
Crossed, Triple-Crossed

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