Mr. Chang

Mr. Chang was portrayed by Dennis Dun.

Mr. Chang was an innocent man present in one of Phoebe's premonitions. In the vision, he was being murdered by what looked like a demon. Darryl Morris took Mr. Chang into custody because his picture was on the front page of the Metro section (for planting trees). In the recent past there were four brutal murders and they only connection is that the victim's picture was in the Metro section the day that he or she died. Mr. Chang was baffled telling Morris that he had no money and no enemies so there would be no reason for anyone to want to kill him. He declined protection and as he walked into the alley to his motorcycle he was attacked with a fireball by Tom Peters, a human student involved in a Demon Academy and Prue's ex-boyfriend. Thankfully Prue used her telekinesis and sent the fireball away from Mr. Chang. He was eventually put into protective custody. It's to be assumed that after Tom became human again, Darryl set Mr. Chang free.


Mr. Chang appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 3 -
Wrestling with Demons

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