Cauldwell 2
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Vice president of Buckland Auction House

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Ms. Hellfire

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Wren T. Brown


Mr. Cauldwell was Prue Halliwell's last boss at Buckland Auction House. After Buckland was sold to new owners, he was installed as the regional vice president for the West Coast, based in San Francisco.


Cauldwell's main concern was bringing in revenue. Soon after arriving, he divided the San Francisco office into partnerships, and ordered each to find $100,000 worth of merchandise if they wanted to keep their jobs. He partnered Prue with Jack Sheridan.

The following weeks, Cauldwell wanted to choose a pair to present the company at an exhibition in New York. Prue and Jack wanted to go on the trip, but Prue was distracted by the ghost haunting the van Lewen family. Jack finished the presentation in time and Cauldwell was impressed enough to let him go on the trip, but wanted to cut Prue out. Jack was able to convince him otherwise. However, neither went to New York in the end.

Three weeks after Cauldwell took over, Buckland's acquired what appeared to be a Monet. Prue determined it was actually painted by one of Monet's students, but Jack wanted to pass it off as the genuine article. Prue told Cauldwell, and he wanted to pass it off as a Monet as well. Prue was unwilling to do this, and resigned.


Mr. Cauldwell appeared in 3 episodes during the series.

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