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Mortals are beings susceptible to death, the opposite of immortal.

Non-magical mortalsEdit

The term mortal is commonly used to denote non-magical humans. These mortals are considered neutral beings due to their lack of any magical abilities or affiliation with good or evil.[1]

Secret KeepersEdit

Main article: Secret Keepers

Over the years, the Charmed Ones (and their ancestors) have entrusted several mortals with their secret that they are magical witches. These mortals are called Secret Keepers and have occasionally helped the Charmed Ones with covering up their magical tracks.

Some notable Secret Keepers are: Victor Bennett, Andy Trudeau, Darryl Morris, Henry Mitchell, and Elise Rothman.

Gaining magical abilitiesEdit

Non-magical mortals are capable of becoming magical through various means:

However, there are exceptions. In 2000, Dr. Curtis Williamson gained the powers of the Charmed Ones by accidentally injecting himself with their blood. The overload of power led to insanity and ultimately his death.[2] In another case, Karen Young was used by Demonic Power Brokers to store their powers. This led her to paranoia and almost death before the Charmed Ones were able to remove the powers from her.[3]

In 2009, the shift of magic caused all magical beings to lose their powers and mortals to develop them. All of them seemingly had found ways to handle their powers but a society of magic caused great chaos to the world since most of them were not taught to use their powers properly and therefore followed seduction down a destructive path.[4]

Magical mortalsEdit

In the early days of humanity, a woman came upon the Nexus of the All, a spiritual energy that runs through everything. Though fearing it's power at first, she came to pass over it and taped into the All's power along with her mate. This created a realm beyond the physical universe: the Higher Realm, where they came to live in.

But their bond with the All caused the Earth to slowly die and they were forced to return. The woman gave birth to two children, a witch and a warlock, who were conceived while in the Higher Realm. The children that came later possessed no power to speak of but they could tap into magic as witch practioneers. [5]

In the times of Ancient Greece, a race of God-like beings named Titans ruled the world and mortals worshiped them in hopes of appeasing them. The Titans were eventually defeated by the Greek Gods who equally forced the world to worship them until the Elders stripped them of their powers. [6]

In the centuries that followed mortals came to fear magic and persecuted it in horrific Witch Trials, causing both Good and Evil to decide to hide their supernatural nature. [7] However, recently, magic switched and mortals were granted supernatural powers. [8]

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