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  • Human mortals are non-magical
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Mortals are beings susceptible to aging and death, the opposite of immortals. Human beings, including most magical witches, are mortal.[1]

Non-magical mortalsEdit

The term mortal is commonly used to denote non-magical humans. These mortals are considered neutral beings due to their lack of any magical abilities or affiliation with good or evil.[2]

Secret KeepersEdit

Main article: Secret Keepers

Over the years, the Charmed Ones have entrusted several mortals with the secret that they are magical witches. These secret keepers, most notably law enforcement officers such as Darryl Morris, have often helped the sisters with covering up their magical tracks.

Gaining magical abilitiesEdit


Tom Peters' chevrons.

Non-magical mortals are capable of becoming magical through various means;

As mortals are not meant to have magical powers, being infected with them can cause mortals to grow increasingly unstable and insane and will eventually lead to death. Leo Wyatt once explained witches are able to handle magic due to generations of preparation, while mortals lack this experience.[3]

Williamson Potion1

Dr. Curtis Williamson being driven mad by magic.

"Human being possessed of a demonic power will become confused then frightened, paranoid, violent and demonic, will ultimately die if the power isn't withdrawn."
Paige reading from the Book of Shadows.[src]

In 2000, Dr. Curtis Williamson gained the powers of the Charmed Ones by accidentally injecting himself with their blood. The overload of power led to insanity and ultimately his death.[4] In another case, Karen Young was used by Demonic Power Brokers to store their powers. This led her to paranoia and almost death before the Charmed Ones were able to remove the powers from her.[5]

In 2009, the shift of magic caused all magical beings to lose their powers and mortals to develop them. A world filled with magical mortals led to a state of chaos and anarchy, due to these mortals never learning to properly deal with magic. During this time, mortals seemed unaffected by the corruptive effects of wielding magic.[6] Balance was eventually restored when Prue took control of the All.[7]

Magical mortalsEdit


The Charmed Ones, magical humans.

While most mortals are ordinary human beings, a great number of humans are gifted with magic. Although generally not referred to as mortals, these humans are still susceptible to death. Witches are human beings, as are other magical beings such as Firestarters. Other magical beings, such as Whitelighters and Cupids, are no longer mortal due to having died and being reborn as immortal angelic beings.

Some mortals, like the Chosen One, are meant to utilize magic only when they are destined to. Other mortals, such as Bo Lightfeather and Stan Provazolli, are blessed with the ability to see the future, but lack other magical powers.


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