Montana estate
Montana Estate
Location information

San Francisco


The Montana Estate is a large Victorian house owned by the Montana Family of witches in San Francisco. The estate has a large yard, fountain, kitchen, ballroom, study rooms, and a secret storage room.


The Montanas lived from across the Callaway Family while the feud was still in place.

The Montanas resided in a large Victorian house, where they keep a secret storage for magical ingredients, spellbooks and tools for practice of magic. They seem to specialize in potion making, having kept impressively large stores of potion ingredients, along with relying on a plethora of potions to ease the pain brought about by the scars. The final feud happened in this house when the Callaways attacked after James Callaway found out his daughter was killed by one of them. The battle ended with Richard Montana severely injured and Olivia's spirit taking Richard's to her grave to end his life.[1]

After the feud finally ended, Rosaline and Steve Montana moved away, leaving the estate to Richard alone.[2]


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